Thursday, December 13, 2012

Post Vacay BLAHsss

so we're home ... BLAH! we all decided that we should have stayed but well, you know, life goes on ... the good news is that we are gooing for christmas next year for 2 weeks! YAY!!!!! (the bad news, its more that 365 days away ... BLAH!!!)

lets go back a bit ... out last few days were wonderful! Some of us went Zip Lining and some of us Surfed (more) ... we had our Last Supper at our favourite restuarant, Barba Roja. We even got to have a quick drink with Todd the Surf God! And our Last Breakfast was at the beach watching the tide come in ...ahhhh!!

Some thank yous are in order - one to my DAH for "making us go on vacation"!! My kids and my parents for making it nothing but fun and interesting. Kimberly Barron from BuentaVista / Tulemar (Property Manage Plus) who MADE our trip ...all the emails and phone calls and last minute changes that she managed so well! Todd Pequeen of Manuel Antonio (aka Todd the Surf God) (but who's real calling is as an RMT) who handled our kids amazingly well and really taught them to be better surfers and swimmers. Bless your heart for making them sing Christmas Carols while surfing!! ALL the people we have grown to love who cook for us and make our meals AWESOME and fun!!(most of all Eliott, HappyHappy's "muchacho"!!)

i need to hobble off to my regular life now ... back to the hockey rink tonight!!

(unfortunately i had a "pinky toe meets wooden bed" incident while collecting all the girls stuff off their deck so i am hobbling ALOT but as Happy Happy pointed out, its a good thing it happen at the END of out trip! (i know, she's right!) but holy hanah, am i ever in some pain!!!)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Costa Ricaaaahhhhhh!!!

So, we are in PARADISE!

I wasn't infavour of a second holiday to CR this year but the kids schedules and DH's schedule dictated that December was the time to go instead of March ... so here we are!

DAH is a fisherman at heart so all holidays must include some sort of over-the-top fishing ... Costa Rica definitly has that! this is our 3rd trip in 2 years ... the kids can surf and DAH can fish; its hot and casual so we are ALL happy ... (well excpet for DLU but i am pretty sure its just a ruse ... way deep down she still likes us! lol!!!)

The kids have been surfing lots! Our local friend Todd the Surf God is awesome with them and a great instructor! Its always one of my favourite things to watch them surf! DLU chose to observe (read: lay-out on a chair) but at least she was with us one of the mornings!

One of the things i love so much about this country is how laid back everyone is! Dogs are fairly popular as pets down here and everyone takes their dogs to the beach and out for walks. Don't think there aren't strays here too, but even they seem to be looked after! The first day the kids surfed i spent about an hour enjoying this dog at play in the surf - she really truely ENJOYED her morning romp! She had a collar so she is a pet, but her people were either still in bed or much further down the beach ... she didn't bother anyone and no-one bothered her....

This morning Buddah and i are hanging together with "Abuela y Abuelo" while the men folk spend some time with their daughters horseback riding! woo hoo!! so Adios for now and we're off to the beach ... (i am going to MAKE that boy hang with his mama!!! xoxo)


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Who gets YOUR kids??

so this is a bit of a touchy subject but here it goes ... who gets YOUR kids?

i dont mean, in case of death, who gets your kids? i mean who gets to determine who gets access to your kids? how do YOU decide who gets your kids?

or do you?

What happens if you are assigned a teacher or principal who you don't connect with? or who you feel is not a positive influence to your child? how do you deal with that?

Please dont think i am teacher bashing because i am not! i know first hand what a demanding job it is to be in the classroom. i am simply looking for some insight as to what to do if you don't think your child has the right educational guidance...

Follow mine, i'll follow yours

... simple concept and it falls in line with my "being a good friend" philosophy!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


so ... the boy scored tonight at hockey ... as usual, i WASN'T there ... sigh ...

Seriously, he plays Defence so his opportunity to score is slightly lower and because i am a single parent this week he is the easiest to farm out (his hockey is LOCAL where as the girls is FAR AWAY)so i had to go to a 2 hr practice instead of Buddah's game ...

I went to his game on monday, i even TOLD him it would be ok for him to score on Monday while was there ... nope, he scored TONIGHT!

(I am SUPER THANKFUL for my friend Leo, who very kindly texted me during the game tho! THANX LEO!!!)

... I think maybe DAH is going to be incharge of girls' practices for a few weeks when he (finally) gets home; i want to go watch the boy PLAY!!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

who asked you????

so, my girls moved hockey clubs this year ... where we live there are a few girls-only clubs but not as many as for boys ... like 1 per city ... so you do the math ... when they play games there is travel ... that is just part of it. life.

(now HappyHappy DID go play with the boys one year but it was AWFUL ... for her. at the end of the year she said if she had to play with the boys again, she was quitting. thats HER. i get it. i play hockey (or used to) because of my friends ... anyway, so she went back to a girls only team and played on 2 teams last year. now this is a kid who is a naturally gifted athlete ... she's good at almost everything she does - i say everything becasue we did do dance for a few years and decided thats "wasn't for her" - ok, lets be honest, she was there for the costumes only 'cause anyone who knows HappyHappy, knows she IS going to be a Princess when she grows up - ... but i digress ... it was clear that is was time for her to make the move to a more competitive program ... we checked out a few clubs and made some calls (including to the one in the town where we live but they were full) and in the end, she ended up with North York Storm (and so did her big sis) ...)

we skate out of York U ... we don't live near there ... this is a decision we made based on what was BEST for OUR girls. sometimes you make sacrifices for your kids, right?

well, lately, i have had more than a few people actually say to me "you're crazy for doing that!" ... or "you're crazy to do all that driving" ...or "well, i WOULDN'T do that for my kids" ...or "why can't she just play with the boys?"

well, i am SICK of justifying our decisions to people. WHO ASKED YOU????? (and while we're at it, why don't you shove your opinion down someone's throat who actually asked for it!?)

(ok, you KNOW what i really REALLY wanted to say, dont you??? but i think one F bomb this week is plenty ...)

my point here is why can't we all just have WORLD PEACE? (and dont worry, when i want your opinion i will hunt you down so you can tell me how cRaZy i am!!!!)

Peace Out!

GREAT weekend

so we had a super busy weekend ... big shock! Friday night DLU had a game, Buddah had a practice and HappyHappy had 2 practices! Kid #1 and i had to drive to Orillia but it was good game, the girls are really starting to come together! nice to see ... Kid #2 is playing on a great team with some other kids from our hood which is great becasue with DAH away a bit more in the fall season, we need HELP!! Kid #3 is practicing a bit more with the Peewee AA team as they occasionally need some callups (they are a smallish team and have a few injuries right now)but she's game for it! much faster hockey tho!!

Saturday we had 2 hr practice for Buddah, a game for HappyHappy, a game for DLU, another game for HappyHappy and a practice for DLU...Sunday was practice for DLU, game for HappyHappy, practice for Buddah and another practice for HappyHappy....

AND i even made dinner sunday night!!!

we did however forget to turn on the alarm for school this morning ... oh, well, no-one's perfect ...

Saturday, October 13, 2012


ahhhh, HEAVEN!!!! its been a SHITTY SHITTY (so sorry for the potty mouth but i dont think i have any kid followers and sometimes my inner sailor needs to be released!!) SHITTY week!

(well, except for work, i LOVE my job and its a physically calming place to be - people for one, B) creativity and lastly, giggley (and sometimes not so giggly) babies/toddlers)

annnyyyhoooo, tonight was nice, just myself and DLU drving to Orillia for her game ... she with her headsets on ignoring me and me listening to MY radio station ... she played a GREAT game. i REALLY REALLY REALLY needed to watch her do something with passion ... i wish i had video'd it (to play back for myself) all those times she whines about life...



Friday, October 12, 2012

RIP Amanda Todd

So i don't know if you saw the Youtube video posted by Amanda Todd ... it describes her torment by bullies in her schools over the past few years ... it is a brave thing she did ... its a sad thing to watch

Amanda Todd killed herself this week ... she was a kid who had been tortured to a breaking point ... it was her 2nd suicide attempt... she was 16 yrs old.

I have seen so much hatred lately, its makeing me physically ill. WHY do people feel the need to hurt other people? what is it that makes one person feel superior when they verbally or physically abuse another person??

I truely hope that even ONE of those kids that abused Amanda, realises the FULL impact of what they have done. May it consume them for an eternity ... i know, not very nice but please, look at your child or your spouse and imagine not having them ? ... imagine them being so depressed because of what someone else thought of them that they felt the only way out was to be DEAD ... that void in your life will never go away ...

Amanda's family will mourn her always and they will also now have a lifetime of pain and anger to deal with ... there are people out there who ARE RESPONSIBLE for this young girl's death, and we need to see that they are held accountable.

... we need to SPEAK UP!! its NOT OK to sit back and LET it happen!


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

bullying and friends

so this week has been a tough one for me ... i will not bore you with the details but i have been (more than) witness to some pretty active bullying ...

those of you who know me, know that i think this is an applicable term for some situations but that i feel, overall, this is a term that is often overused. so for me to use is a SERIOUS accusation... very

anyway, i will not go into gory details but let me say this ... bullying starts in the home and i have seen this first hand over the past few months ... i am not saying that ALL bullying starts in the home but there is a pretty good chance that the apple doesnt fall far from the tree ...

my other observation is that if someone is GETTING pushed around, bullyied, if you will, and you do NOTHING, you are as good as the bully... in fact, in my opinion, you are worse.

i am sick and tired of watching people, kids and adults alike, getting pushed around by people who think the need to get a leg up! grow a backbone, take a stand, be a FRIEND... i cannot belive the lack of support - people are all "lets put a stop to bullying" but then when its IN THEIR FACE they are all "ohh, i dont want to get involved, this doesnt concern me" FUCK YOU it doesnt concern you ... wait til its your kid or you or your neice or your spouse ...

does it concern you THEN????

Monday, October 8, 2012

It is through creativity that we grow, it is through friendships that we bloom!

this is truely how feel ... and it doesnt matter if your creative "thing" is art, music or sport, find something that you love and do it passionately. finding the people you want to surround yourself with is the challenge but dont let that challenge affect your passion. pursue it!!

sometimes you think you have found your "people" only to be faced with a harsher reality ... let it GO! move on! find the kindred spirits who are accepting of you and not the lost souls who want to manipulate you ...

a big BIG Thank You to everyone who made me smile, giggle and laugh this weekend ... you will never know just how much that meant to me! i have come away from this weekend with not only some AWESOME new skills, projects and supplies but with a better idea of who i am, what i am in prusuit of and exactly who my people are! Thank you to my good friend Bella for your words of wisdom and perspective, to the Jersey Girls for the best hugs and endless giggles, for Patsy, Garage Mary and "the girls" for your creativity, your hard work and great style!

(and for you Crafty or Scrappy Gurlz out there, try a Quick Quotes Private Reserve weekend sometime! its fantastic!!)

Happy Thanxgiving to you ALL!!


i think any sport or club is good for kids ... i never played hockey when i was a kid but my kids LOVE it ... please let the kids from this community have the opportunity to love it too!

hockey has the ability to teach us so much ... rules, regulations, safety ... but more than that it can teach us compassion, respect, restraint, responsibility, forgiveness ...the list is endless.

obviously hockey is not the only way to learn these things but its a team building activity and lots of people get to be involved at once not just one person at a time ... and it FUN!

its an activity that a person can enjoy for their whole lives - as a participant or as a spectator. it is an activity that can bring out the best in people and it can bring out the worst in people.

it can teach people to play nicely with others and share and it can teach people to help your neighbour and be a good citizen.

it gets people up off the couch and OUTSIDE!


thx! d

Friday, October 5, 2012

PLEASE consider giving this your vote!

You all know how i feel about hockey! honestly i think it was a life CHANGER and "SAVER" for more than one of my kids ... (i have a dream of somehow one day creating a childrens benefit charity thru community hockey) ... this is RIGHT up my alley!!!!!!!!! PLEASE VOTE EVERY DAY!!!

Please share with all our friends! xoxoxoxd

Monday, September 24, 2012

well, we're surviving ... barely.

so its been 3 weeks since DLU started ninth grade ... she is going to a different school than most of her friends so she isnt exactly happy ... oh, lord, bring on the wine! lol!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Early Bird ...

so i am not really a morning person ... but i got up early this morning because i thought Buddah had a practice (yup, - i got him up, fed and dressed before i realised my error ... sorry Buddah!) so we ran some errands, had a cuppa, got my garden chores done and talked to THREE people ON THE PHONE (and you know how i feel about talking on the phone!)... peuf! you early birds really DO get the worm!!! i think i really will feel good about my nap later on!

don't forget the Roundhouse (attached to Steamwhistle Brewery!!) has model train rides from noon til 4 today - look for Papa in his overalls and Engineers cap! and then enjoy a cold beer after ... xoxo

ok, off to run a few more errands before we CHOO CHOO it!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012



The Weekend to End Women's Cancers is ALMOST HERE!!!! It is a seriuosly fun weekend hosted by the Princess Margaret Hospital. I have chosen to channel my donations to the Breast Cancer program there. During the Weekend, Participants walk 60km thru the streets of Toronto. On Day 1 we start at the Ex and walk 30km up to Downsview Park. Over night we camp out at Downsview Park in tents (or in the case of the Super Boobie Fairies - at the Holiday Inn). Day 2 sees us walking 30km back down to the Ex! Please support my journey - i am not quite at my fundraising minimum in order to participate! thx!

Use the link below to donate online. THANK YOU!!! If you have already supported another walker, THANK YOU, its such a great cause!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

soooo, how's your summer

its been a CRAZY BUSY summer so far!! we have camped and gone to camp and done Wonderland a few times and swam and hung out with our peeps and playing TONS of hockey ... peuf! i am exhausted!!! AND its an Olympic Summer ... you know what that means???? on top of ALLLLL the fun stuff, i must squeeze in 7+hrs a day of Olympic coverage!!!! (good thing i am an INSOMNIAC...) What have you been up too?

Please Support My 60km Journey

Please Support My Journey

This will be my 9th year walking in Toronto and by next Sept, it will be my 18th Weekend to End Women's Cancer Event! WOW! Thank you SOOOO much for continuing to support me! My team, The Super Boobie Fairies thanks you too!

My 3 best reasons are at home - i do it for my kids, so they can live in a world that is not so scary. I do it for my family. I do it for everyone who has been touched by cancer in their lifetime. Approximately 23,400 Canadian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year, and about 5,100 will die from the disease. Additionally, over 8,000 Canadian women will be diagnosed with ovarian, cervical, or uterine cancer this year, and nearly 3,000 will die from one of these diseases.

The Weekend to End Women's Cancers is a two-day, 60-kilometre walk through the neighbourhoods of Toronto. I have committed to raising $2000 for this event.

Proceeds from this event benefit The Campbell Family Institute at The Princess Margaret, funding important breast cancer research, education, services and care. Also, this year we are celebrating TEN YEARS STRONG of committing to conquering cancer within our lifetimes! So be a part of this historic journey
Please Give NOW! Your donation goes directly to PMH. You may also consider giving a re-curring monthly donation.

Thank You ! Without YOU, I could not do this!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012


SORRY ... its been awhile! anyway check out this awesome blog from cosmo Cricket!! ... the "gelaskins" ROCK IT!!!! and you have to admit, COSMO CRICKET is funtabulous!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

white pants ...

ok, so remember like *25* yrs ago (winkwink) when our moms bought NEW CLOTHES each spring???? (ok, do you DO that??? I dont!!!) every spring my ma came home with a few new pices including a pair of WHITE PANTS!!!!


no me ...or my BFF's ... seriously, who buys new white pants EVERY spring????

i'll tell ya, SKINNY GIRLZ what are like 50 in their heads!!!

here's to the demin capris and kacki bermudas and skorts !!! and my gurlz!!!

Friday, June 8, 2012


ok, Scrppy Gurlz and NON Scrappy Gurlz ... i NEED an image or stamp of preferabbly 2"x3" or larger of the Autism Support ribbon but with NO COLOUR or SHADED areas in the puzzle pieces ... i am working on a project to donate to a Suppport Autism event and can't find what i envision in my head! lol! if anyone has an image or stamp they can send me / sell me / loan me ... please let me kow! xoxoxod

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Copic Colouring Afternoon ... ahhhh!

so i had a much needed afternoon of colouring yesterday... thx to my good friend Cher! it was lovely and relaxing and i have a few images to work with for some new cards - YAY!!!

also check out the latest YUMMY stuff from Kraftin Kimmie ... GAWD i love her stamps!!!

She has just released some SUPER COOL new mermaid stamps (... N-E-E-D!!!) ... check her blog tomorrow as she is hosing a BLOG HOP - you can WIN stuff!!!!!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012


So let me tell you a little tale ... this fits right in the middle of Broken Water Heater Adventure ... This is Twiggy Bunny he arrived around 3:30pm on saturday with DLU and her friend K. i was expecting the girls home so we could all go to the gym and workout and swim and SHOWER (remember, no hot water...)anyway, they come running into the house with a shoe box and in it is TB .. apparently they saw a big orange cat carring said bunny across the lawn so they chased the cat until he dropped Twiggy ... then the girls scooped the bunny up, found a shoe box and brought him home! yay ... NOT!! sooooo instead of heading to the gym, we head out to the vet ... they, of course will not let us surrender Twiggy to them but the vet does give me the number for Animal Control ... (you know why they are called animal CONTROL, right??) so we head home to find another option - a RESCUE ... can't find anything in Sourthern Ontario that will take baby bunnys; MNR is closed; and my "friends" keep offering me cages and tanks ... i did however, learn ALOT about bunnies and get some good advice from the vet and a few other places i called... we cleaned up Twiggy's box and add some yummy lettuce and grass and nectarines (?) and put his box in the basement bathtub and locked the door... finally at 5:30 we went to the gym (remember, we needed showers! lol!) so on the way home, i explain to the kids that if Twiggy is doing well tonight and in the morning, we are going to set him free on sunday afternoon, thats the best option for a wild bunny ... of course they want to KEEP Twiggy ... NO way! so then we talk about wild animals vs domestic animals, etc ... anyway, when we get home we check on Twiggy, who is great!! - peeing all over the place and trying to climb the living room walls - HAHAHAHA!! DLU then showed me the video they got of the cat "bunny-napping" Twiggy and the subsequent RESCUE ... it was very interesting as the cat appeared to be carrying the bunny like a mama would carry her kitten ... in the morning Twiggy was still doing well and had eaten quite a bit so we took him out into the yard and found a well covered corner, near where we had seen the other yard bunnies and we all said goodbye and let Twiggy go! Thanx for the adventure, Twiggy! we will leave you lots of treats xoxoxo

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Check this out!!!

This is H2Photography! Hope is AMAZING!! I am SOOOO excited to be working with Hope!

SOooo How's it going?????

Hey Peeps!! Not much going on right now ... i have been trying to get my house in order for the past few weeks ... UGH!!! We (sort of) have work going on trying to finish the downstairs bathroom and also trying to clean out and pack my Craft Studio (to move upstairs) and then THE WATER TANK DIES!! Oh, boyoboy!! Backtrack a bit - DH is away for the 2nd weekend in a row (thank GOD i quit at SQ earlier than originally planned! BUSY kids and working Fridays/Saturdays AND no "DAH" DO NOT go well together!). So i am at Hockey thursday night and DLU calls and says "mama, there is NO hot water" ...hmm, this is vague statement in our house ... sometimes (read: most of the time) a couple of tweenagers have such LONG showers that they USE UP all the hot water ... anyway, i RUSH home and check the tank and not only is there still no hot water an hour later but the tank is OFF and NOT going back on. To make a LONG story short, i spend the next 24 hrs trying to figure out who we rent from and what our service contract is. Finally, on Saturday morning i connect with a lovely lady at Enbridge who confirms that we DO in fact have a contract with them (afterall) and they WILL service our 10+ yr old tank (i say to her .."um, pretty sure its older than that as we have LIVED here for 10 yrs..." she says " oh, well maybe just a bit older but not much ... i can have a technician in MONDAY btwn 9-1pm...". PARDON ME???? MONDAY!?!?!?!?! ..." but i havent had hot water since THURSDAY ... this is a (tweenager)EMERGENCY!!" and thats when i was informed that it was NOT infact an EMERGENCY ... i have running water and my pipes are not going to freeze ... WT...?????? (she doesnt know about the DEATH stare DLU can throw around!) Thank Goodness we have Lifetime Athletic memberships!! And anyway, they have WAY nice facilities! lol!!!! sooooo .... Monday! a very pleasant Tachnician arrives, takes one look at our tank and starts cursing out the ofice! apparently, our tank is more than 22 yrs old ... NOTHING he can do! it needs to be replaced - duh! anyway he makes a few calls and says someone will be back to replace it ... i start to panic as he is packing up his tools ...all i can think of is the hissyfit that awaits from DLU! LOL!!! no worries, he says, the new tank will be here SHORTLY ... (we all know what THAT means, right...?) NOPE, it WAS! within the hour 2 dudes show up and get right to work! WE HAVE HOT WATER! DLU didnt have to give anyone the death stare ... (and i even made it to the gym for a workout yesterday...) i still have a massive clean up job in the basement but we are heading in the right direction sadly, i have not got much "craft-on" lately but its coming!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

soo,BIG NEWS!! its actually a few weeks old (news) but i guess its time to spill the beans : i am no longer going to be working at SQ. i am moving on to greener pastures ... i had a great time working there and met some FABULOSLY talented women ... Please keep in touch and lets get our Crafty groove on sometime! I plan on taking it easy and hanging a bit more with the rug rats this summer ... here are a few thinga i am going to do ...
followed by a little of this ...
and maybe some of this ...
and listening to the tales of these guys ..

Friday, May 18, 2012

My First Attempt at QUILLING

Ok, so my thought is "...i dont have time (or $) for a new obsession.." . Right? I am being sensible and practical...blahbalahlah... Well, my friend Cher is a very talented girly ... we often get together for a crafty day ... so she convinces me i should try quilling (YES! she has hounded me for months, and sends me texts and emails telling me how much fun it is and how i am doing myself a disservice not at least trying...she points out how it really is discrimination, leaving out those fun and new art supplies ... OK! enough already, Cher, i will TRY it - but i wont LIKE it ....SERIOUSLY, that is EXACTLY how it went down ... more or less ...ok, less...) Here is my first card:
Happy Fathers Day card - CHECK! oh, yeah, now i have to buy a quilling set ... anyone got one they want to sell????

Saturday, May 12, 2012

on a more sombre note ...

i am pleased with the verdict in the Tori Stafford trial. i cannot, however, say that justice has been served: a lovely little girl is still dead and she was still brutally murdered. those responsible for her death will never EVER, no matter how many years they spend behind bars, make up for the hell they put that child and her family thru. thank you to the jury of his peers (although, really, i am hopeful that none of his peers are as depreved as he and his accomplice...) for finding the right verdict. and to Tori's family, you will always be in my thoughts; you will never get back what you lost but hopefully your fellow man have supported you today and helped to show you the good again in the world.

Monday, April 30, 2012

hockey trials ... and tribulations ...

so, BANTAM B tryouts ... oy vey!!! Lets start before the beginning ... they had 3 scheduled pre-tryout skates that filled up so they added another (THAT tells you they had LOTS of interest...) ... DLU goes to the pre-skates and works her butt off (and i happily shell out $35 for the practice time) TEAM TRYOUTS : so i take DLU to the first tryout - 60 girls showed up to skate ... they skate and were all told to come back the next night ... (ok, why?? a team consist of 15 - 17 players ... then we find out they are actually going to have TWO Bantam B teams ... good right? YUP! except that they are only looking for a max of 34 kids (but not really cause they have signed a few kids already ...) but, lets be positive...) hmmm .... so we go back night #2! DLU is pretty excited - she got a call back!! who wouldn't be thrilled??? ... we go back and 45 girls are on the ice. they skate. now the normal procedure is for the coaches to come out and they talk to each player and their family and THANK THEM FOR TRYING OUT - they ones they don't want first then the kids they do want after as there is paperwork to sign. we wait ... coaches walk away not talking to anyone but each other ... we wait ... finally the girls come out and say the coaches say they will call everyone tomorrow.(?) i take kids to the car and DAH goes back to talk to coaches ... so get this ... they are looking for TWO players!!! TWO!!! they ask 60 girls to come back to skate for TWO positions!!! and the position on the team DLU was trying out for was a FORWARD position - DLU plays DEFENSE ...(quick math - 60 x $10 each the first night = $600 for the club ... 45 xo $10 each the second night = $450 for the club; total rev generated from Bantam B tryouts $1050!!! can you say money grab?!?!?!) SOOOO that also means 43 girls could have tried out elsewhere but were lead to believe they stood a chance with their home club ... we know the player that got the position on the Bantam B 1998 team - she is a good player and she will do well. CONGRATS JH!!! congrats to the girl who made the Bantam B 1999 team, there was nothing but talent out there so i know she is a deserving player! to the other 43 girls, i apologise for the bad actions, disrespect and deception of the adults who are supposed to be teaching you life lessons like integretiy, respect, fairplay and sportsmanship. Welcome to the OLD BOYS CLUB ... alive and well in girls hockey!

Friday, April 27, 2012

and now some LIFE stuff ...

just to keep you all in the loop, we have been playing ALOT of hockey this year. well, to be honest , we play ALOT of hockey every year - lol!!! anyway, the girls both played on 2 teams this past winter (which i coached / managed ...) near the end of the season, HappyHappy was approached by a couple of Rep coaches from other clubs (yup OTHER clubs - no one from MGHL even came to watch her!!!! way to go Mississauga!!) ... we ended up doing some skating clinics with them and she is now a pround member of the NORTH YORK STORM ATOM AA team!!! woohoo!!! (bye bye $$$$ hahahaha!) Buddah is going to Cooksville Peewee A this year which is a good move for him! He is going with a couple guys from his old team and some kids he has gone to school with for a few years ... should be a fun year! DLU (Dark Lord of the Underworld, if you havent been following ...) decided at the 9th hour to try out for the MGHL Bantam B team ... she had 2 pre-skates and 2 try outs skates and now we are WAITING ... i wonn't tell you my real opinion until we hear the results ... lets just say, its typical MGHL style! Good Luck DLU!!! My ladies team (yes, i do use the term LADIES very loosely ... April, i SAW the minosa in your hand! lol!!) played in a tourney last weekend right in the middle of hockey tryouts! i KNOW! what a daring bunch we are! anyway, we got our A$$'s handed to us on a platter but we had FUN! and got to witness some of the craziest hockey shinianigans ever!!! Thx to Rick for the team pitcher - we EARNED that baby! k, gotta run to more hockey tryouts ... (the boy, has been accepted but still must skate the skate! lol!) xoxod
So, these are the 3 cards for my next Copic II class - May 6th in the Queendom 2-4pm and also May 25th 12:30 - 2:30pm. You can call 905 542 8811 to register . cost $35 & you must have you own copics to colour with (avaialble at Scrapbook Queens). AND as a BONUS you will get the Carlos the Crab stamp included with your Class. This uber cute stamp by Kraftin Kimmie will make your summer FUN IN THE SUN!!! See you soon!!!!! xoxod


wow! its been awhile! i promise to be better! stay tuned, i am going to post my next class TODAY!!! .. its May 6 at Scrpbook Queens in Mississauga ... pictures to follow! xoxoxd