Wednesday, October 24, 2012


so ... the boy scored tonight at hockey ... as usual, i WASN'T there ... sigh ...

Seriously, he plays Defence so his opportunity to score is slightly lower and because i am a single parent this week he is the easiest to farm out (his hockey is LOCAL where as the girls is FAR AWAY)so i had to go to a 2 hr practice instead of Buddah's game ...

I went to his game on monday, i even TOLD him it would be ok for him to score on Monday while was there ... nope, he scored TONIGHT!

(I am SUPER THANKFUL for my friend Leo, who very kindly texted me during the game tho! THANX LEO!!!)

... I think maybe DAH is going to be incharge of girls' practices for a few weeks when he (finally) gets home; i want to go watch the boy PLAY!!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

who asked you????

so, my girls moved hockey clubs this year ... where we live there are a few girls-only clubs but not as many as for boys ... like 1 per city ... so you do the math ... when they play games there is travel ... that is just part of it. life.

(now HappyHappy DID go play with the boys one year but it was AWFUL ... for her. at the end of the year she said if she had to play with the boys again, she was quitting. thats HER. i get it. i play hockey (or used to) because of my friends ... anyway, so she went back to a girls only team and played on 2 teams last year. now this is a kid who is a naturally gifted athlete ... she's good at almost everything she does - i say everything becasue we did do dance for a few years and decided thats "wasn't for her" - ok, lets be honest, she was there for the costumes only 'cause anyone who knows HappyHappy, knows she IS going to be a Princess when she grows up - ... but i digress ... it was clear that is was time for her to make the move to a more competitive program ... we checked out a few clubs and made some calls (including to the one in the town where we live but they were full) and in the end, she ended up with North York Storm (and so did her big sis) ...)

we skate out of York U ... we don't live near there ... this is a decision we made based on what was BEST for OUR girls. sometimes you make sacrifices for your kids, right?

well, lately, i have had more than a few people actually say to me "you're crazy for doing that!" ... or "you're crazy to do all that driving" ...or "well, i WOULDN'T do that for my kids" ...or "why can't she just play with the boys?"

well, i am SICK of justifying our decisions to people. WHO ASKED YOU????? (and while we're at it, why don't you shove your opinion down someone's throat who actually asked for it!?)

(ok, you KNOW what i really REALLY wanted to say, dont you??? but i think one F bomb this week is plenty ...)

my point here is why can't we all just have WORLD PEACE? (and dont worry, when i want your opinion i will hunt you down so you can tell me how cRaZy i am!!!!)

Peace Out!

GREAT weekend

so we had a super busy weekend ... big shock! Friday night DLU had a game, Buddah had a practice and HappyHappy had 2 practices! Kid #1 and i had to drive to Orillia but it was good game, the girls are really starting to come together! nice to see ... Kid #2 is playing on a great team with some other kids from our hood which is great becasue with DAH away a bit more in the fall season, we need HELP!! Kid #3 is practicing a bit more with the Peewee AA team as they occasionally need some callups (they are a smallish team and have a few injuries right now)but she's game for it! much faster hockey tho!!

Saturday we had 2 hr practice for Buddah, a game for HappyHappy, a game for DLU, another game for HappyHappy and a practice for DLU...Sunday was practice for DLU, game for HappyHappy, practice for Buddah and another practice for HappyHappy....

AND i even made dinner sunday night!!!

we did however forget to turn on the alarm for school this morning ... oh, well, no-one's perfect ...

Saturday, October 13, 2012


ahhhh, HEAVEN!!!! its been a SHITTY SHITTY (so sorry for the potty mouth but i dont think i have any kid followers and sometimes my inner sailor needs to be released!!) SHITTY week!

(well, except for work, i LOVE my job and its a physically calming place to be - people for one, B) creativity and lastly, giggley (and sometimes not so giggly) babies/toddlers)

annnyyyhoooo, tonight was nice, just myself and DLU drving to Orillia for her game ... she with her headsets on ignoring me and me listening to MY radio station ... she played a GREAT game. i REALLY REALLY REALLY needed to watch her do something with passion ... i wish i had video'd it (to play back for myself) all those times she whines about life...



Friday, October 12, 2012

RIP Amanda Todd

So i don't know if you saw the Youtube video posted by Amanda Todd ... it describes her torment by bullies in her schools over the past few years ... it is a brave thing she did ... its a sad thing to watch

Amanda Todd killed herself this week ... she was a kid who had been tortured to a breaking point ... it was her 2nd suicide attempt... she was 16 yrs old.

I have seen so much hatred lately, its makeing me physically ill. WHY do people feel the need to hurt other people? what is it that makes one person feel superior when they verbally or physically abuse another person??

I truely hope that even ONE of those kids that abused Amanda, realises the FULL impact of what they have done. May it consume them for an eternity ... i know, not very nice but please, look at your child or your spouse and imagine not having them ? ... imagine them being so depressed because of what someone else thought of them that they felt the only way out was to be DEAD ... that void in your life will never go away ...

Amanda's family will mourn her always and they will also now have a lifetime of pain and anger to deal with ... there are people out there who ARE RESPONSIBLE for this young girl's death, and we need to see that they are held accountable.

... we need to SPEAK UP!! its NOT OK to sit back and LET it happen!


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

bullying and friends

so this week has been a tough one for me ... i will not bore you with the details but i have been (more than) witness to some pretty active bullying ...

those of you who know me, know that i think this is an applicable term for some situations but that i feel, overall, this is a term that is often overused. so for me to use is a SERIOUS accusation... very

anyway, i will not go into gory details but let me say this ... bullying starts in the home and i have seen this first hand over the past few months ... i am not saying that ALL bullying starts in the home but there is a pretty good chance that the apple doesnt fall far from the tree ...

my other observation is that if someone is GETTING pushed around, bullyied, if you will, and you do NOTHING, you are as good as the bully... in fact, in my opinion, you are worse.

i am sick and tired of watching people, kids and adults alike, getting pushed around by people who think the need to get a leg up! grow a backbone, take a stand, be a FRIEND... i cannot belive the lack of support - people are all "lets put a stop to bullying" but then when its IN THEIR FACE they are all "ohh, i dont want to get involved, this doesnt concern me" FUCK YOU it doesnt concern you ... wait til its your kid or you or your neice or your spouse ...

does it concern you THEN????

Monday, October 8, 2012

It is through creativity that we grow, it is through friendships that we bloom!

this is truely how feel ... and it doesnt matter if your creative "thing" is art, music or sport, find something that you love and do it passionately. finding the people you want to surround yourself with is the challenge but dont let that challenge affect your passion. pursue it!!

sometimes you think you have found your "people" only to be faced with a harsher reality ... let it GO! move on! find the kindred spirits who are accepting of you and not the lost souls who want to manipulate you ...

a big BIG Thank You to everyone who made me smile, giggle and laugh this weekend ... you will never know just how much that meant to me! i have come away from this weekend with not only some AWESOME new skills, projects and supplies but with a better idea of who i am, what i am in prusuit of and exactly who my people are! Thank you to my good friend Bella for your words of wisdom and perspective, to the Jersey Girls for the best hugs and endless giggles, for Patsy, Garage Mary and "the girls" for your creativity, your hard work and great style!

(and for you Crafty or Scrappy Gurlz out there, try a Quick Quotes Private Reserve weekend sometime! its fantastic!!)

Happy Thanxgiving to you ALL!!


i think any sport or club is good for kids ... i never played hockey when i was a kid but my kids LOVE it ... please let the kids from this community have the opportunity to love it too!

hockey has the ability to teach us so much ... rules, regulations, safety ... but more than that it can teach us compassion, respect, restraint, responsibility, forgiveness ...the list is endless.

obviously hockey is not the only way to learn these things but its a team building activity and lots of people get to be involved at once not just one person at a time ... and it FUN!

its an activity that a person can enjoy for their whole lives - as a participant or as a spectator. it is an activity that can bring out the best in people and it can bring out the worst in people.

it can teach people to play nicely with others and share and it can teach people to help your neighbour and be a good citizen.

it gets people up off the couch and OUTSIDE!


thx! d

Friday, October 5, 2012

PLEASE consider giving this your vote!

You all know how i feel about hockey! honestly i think it was a life CHANGER and "SAVER" for more than one of my kids ... (i have a dream of somehow one day creating a childrens benefit charity thru community hockey) ... this is RIGHT up my alley!!!!!!!!! PLEASE VOTE EVERY DAY!!!

Please share with all our friends! xoxoxoxd