Thursday, March 31, 2011

Veg For Life: Another Good Muffin day..

Veg For Life: Another Good Muffin day..: "I like to give the kids a good snack and sometimes muffins just fit the mood.  These are sure to please and I hope you will like them a..."

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

we are home.... peuf!!

well, its done ... march break is, sadly, over...

to get home we left Tambor at 9:20am from our hotel and caught a 9:50am flight on a cesna (OMFG i so love flying in little planes ... if i had EVER flown in one as a young person, i would, today be a pilot - oh, except for the math and physics bit ...). once we got into San Jose we had to wait a few hrs in the airport and that is where the shopping kicked in - yup DAH is an Airport Shopper!!

surprisingly tho, our flight left about 35 minutes EARLY! .... BUT our once direct flight to Tdot was now to become a flight w a stop over in ... get ready for it ... CANCUN!!! yup, a couple hours on a flight in mexico never ends well ...

we ended up arriving home over 2 hrs late.

good thing i have a sense of humor; did ya see the foot of snow outside this morning?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

GREAT book!

i finished The Secret Daughter today - highly recommend it! much better ending than beginning; lots of great insight to the world of international adoption. if you need a copy, i have one! xod

Saturday, March 19, 2011

and some more ...

some photos of Cost Rica!

a great holiday mixed up w a little "revenge"

so far we have zip-lined, fished, snorkelled and "pooped" ... poor DLU came down with a tiny little tummy bug WHILE WE WERE STRANDED ON ISLA TORTUGA!!! good thing they had a potty there (even better that it came to fruition AFTER snorkelling!!) BAD thing -it cost $1 usd to poop!! bye-bye tip for tour company - they could have told us we needed $ for amongst other thing (chairs on beach, umbrellas, etc) the TOILET!!!!!

today mum and DLU are having a quiet day at the resort while she full re-covers - w the help of our friend ammonium - while DAH and BUDDAH and HAPPYHAPPY spend the day on a private boat fishing and swimming and SNORKLING!!!!! (this kid owes me, i tell ya!! LOL!)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

SPRING ahead ... really?????

so don't forget to SPRING AHEAD tonight ... tomorrow is the day we get our hour back ... or do we give up an hour ...??? i don't know; you can be sure, however, that i WILL be dragging my sorry a** around for the next few days ...LOL!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Christmas in March!

we got some awesome stuff in the store today!!! Graffic45 "LeCirque" AND "CurtainCall"; Teresa Collins "OnTheEdge"; Echo Park "For The Record"; some AWESOME Prima flowers and decorative boarders! BoBunny's Gabrielle, AdLib, TimePiece, Blast Off and Vicki B is also ready for consumption!!! We also have some great albums and also stocked up on a few necessities!.... Come in and check it all out this weekend!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

to ski or not to ski .... WHATEVER!

oh, i LOVE to ski. REALLY REALLY LOVE IT!!! i have had (most likely) my last ski of the season yesterday ... :o(

Sunday i walked the Chilly Half Marathon w Tracey, Pitsa and Julie. sloppy, wet, miserable walk. finish time 3:01.4 .... not a great time but ok considering the slop we had to get thru. the whole time, all i could think about was " ...damn, i hope i am not too sore to ski tomorrow! " lol!!! seriously warped sense of priorities, eh, ?!?!? trained for MONTHS for this race, but damn-it, i better be able to ski on Monday!!! heeheehee!!!

well, Mik and i made it up to Collingwood sunday night and chilled w Lyn ... dinner, drinks and a few laughs!

Monday i was definitely a bit sore but i am sure the skiing helped stretch me out ... it was a great day! REALLLY like Blue mountain... i think next year i need to make more time to ski ... i am continually surprised at how i am learning (or RE learning, in this case) to LOVE new sports!!! i was an ok ish skier in highschool and uni and pre-kids but totally happy to give it up when the kids came along. when i started skiing a few yrs ago i developed a passion and have taken a few lessons and i think i am a better skier as a *29 yr old than i ever was in my early (er) 20's!!

too bad DAH doesn't ski .... good thing i have my peeps!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011