Tuesday, March 26, 2013

what year is this again?????

ok, so i received a request from a dear friend to vote for her 10yr old daughter's hockey team to win a training day with our local NHL team... so i do; i go online i click the link and i vote! i am THAT good of a friend! LoL!! well there are 7 pages of teams hoping to get enough votes to win ... i am curious to see if any of my kids teams were entered (they were not) ... then i notice there is another girls team from our town in there ... hmmm, do i know anyone?? i click the link and this is an exerpt of the intro by the FEMALE coach:

"... Soon, for an upcoming event, they will have a chance to reach out to other girls 5-10 and encourage them to come try out this sport that connects them so beautifully. As women they will one day be running things at home, keeping their house in order, which is a solo thing, whereas, this team sport gets them off to a young start at accomplishing something together. It will be a very sweet sight to see these girls demonstrating their desire for other girls like them to have this wonderful experience too..."

WTF??? "...As women they will one day be running things at home, keeping their house in order, which is a solo thing..." HUH??? so we are prepping them to be a lonely housewife? are we simply giving them something to while away the days until they meet a nice boy and settle down and manage a house and pop out babies? are we not teaching them to have partnerships with their spouses?

now, don't get your knickers all twisted, i am a stay at home mum but before i did that i worked for many years for the local school board. i went to university ... i paid my rent; i bought my groceries, i owned a car, i paid insurnace; i even travelled ... after i met my husband i worked for a few more years and once baby #2 came along, we decided it would be better for me to be at home.

i want my girls to get an education; travel the world; settle into a satisfying career; if husbands/partners and babies come along AWESOME! if they then choose to stay home - GREAT! if the decide to work fulltime - GREAT!

i want them to know that they can be lawyers or dancers or doctors or bankers ... musicians or teachers or accountants or engineers ... entrepreuneurs or fashion designers ... dentists or city clerks.

i want my girls to use their years in hockey to build relationships, to prepare them for being part of a team at home, at school, in the workforce ... WHERE EVER!!! i want them to use it as a lifelong tool for chamaradery and friendship; for activity and fitness; i DON'T want it to ba a stop-gap!

why doesn't this COACH want the same things for her daughter and her daughters friends? why is she holding them back?


ahhh, i KNOW! its been a looonnnggg while ...

i am sorry ... we have had some pretty f'ed up times at our house lately ... i know that some of you know whats been going on but i just haven't felt like writing ... i am going to skip the last 2 months and jump back into life here! i promise to write a bit about our drama but not now ... the last few months have been sad and sadness doesn't motivate me ...