Tuesday, September 10, 2013

2013 Weekend to End Womens Cancers


We had a VERY rainy Saturday! We kept hoping that it would stop but it never did. Unlike last years rainy Saturday, it wasn't torrential and it wasn't as cold. AND we were going to end up INSIDE at the Rogers centre where we new it was dry and warm!

Arriving at Camp was very cool - as we entered they announced our names and team and we were ON THE JUMBOTRON!!!! woohoo!!!! We found our tent, changed our shoes and went thru Blue Jays dugout into the Argos dressing room to have a 15min Massage ... It was truely a goose-bumpy afternoon!!

We had a couple of groovy blue tents to change in and use as a meeting place ... after that we found a comfy table and had a few post walk, celebratory beverages then tucked into a wonderful dinner followed by Johnny Reid and Burton Cummings (separately). A couple more drinks then off to bed - at the Renaisance Hotel (because thats how the Super Boobie Fairies roll!).

Sunday was beautiful and sunny and perfect. Oh, and hilly! VERY VERY hilly. We had a nice breakfast then trotted off to see the sights. (Unfortunately RAIN impedes ones ability to fully enjoy the neighbourhoods we walk thru...)I had the pleaseure of catching up with a couple of friends along the route. My team and I also had a lovely mid afternoon beverage at the Sunnyside Pavillion (and St Louis Bar and Grill).

We finished at the Rogers Centre and it was ... WOW! We entered down the ramp they load/unload the concert trucks on and entered at turf level. They stopped us by team and explained that they would announce our names and team name then we would enter and we would appear on the Jumbo Tron AGAIN!!!! After that we got our finishing shirts and proceeded to Closing Ceremonies! It was wonderful!!

Thank you to everyone who supported me thru your donations, your love, your company, your encouraging words and texts last weekend!

Thank you to my team: The Super Boobie Fairies. You guys are AWESOME! You guys were too much fun last weekend!

Thank you to all the Crew who supported us along the way and at camp. Julie, Greg, Steve - we LOVE you guys!! JULIE, as usual, you have gone above and beyond! xoxox

Thanky you to Edwin, Chad and Brian for coming ALL the way up to the Great White North - you guys do a great job!!! Edwin, unfortunately i didnt get to see nearly enough of you which means that the WORLD wont get to see nearly enough of The Super Boobie Fairies ... *sadface*

Thank you to Princess Margaret Cancer Centre for choosing this event. Thank you also for working so hard to make these huge advances to care for OUR FAMILY, FRIENDS and NEIGHBOURS.

We are all signed up for next year ... if you're free the second weekend in September, please join us! or make a donation thru this link!


And Thank you for your continued support - I couldn't do it without you!!

we need a new bathroom ... RFN!!!!

this morning i had to listen to my 3 eldest fight for our one (yes, i did not make a typo - ONE) bathroom!! my three eldest being my husband, my 14 yr old and my 13 yr old .... happy happy and i kept yelling at them to SHUT IT but, sigh, they couldnt hear us ... my morning sucked! i think tonight i will sneak out and sleep in the garage ...