Friday, November 18, 2011

wow! its been a long time ... part deux!

i am back again! things just seem to take over ... ok, more blogging - less something else (i will let you know what it is when i figure it out!)

i am trying to work some classes into my busy schedule ... i am really excited because we have a few Community Living groups coming to use the studio at the store ... i LOVE how crafts bring people together! if you have a group that is looking for some space to meet, let me know!

i finished my Costa Rica mixed album ... well, i finished it a while ago but i will post pics .. its so cool ... i have enough leftovers to run a class of 5 ... let me know ASAP if your interested!!!

super busy with hockey ... my kids all play, i play ...DH used to play but hurt himself and never got it fixed so now he on the injured list (and isnt allowed to drink with boys after so FINALLY got it xrayed, m.r.i-ed and is waiting to see the specialist )...ugh - enough about DRAMA boy ...

i am coaching and managing 3 (yes THREE) of the girls 4 teams! peuf! my awesome girls are playing on 2 teams each and i could not be prouder but wow is it lots of work ... oh, and daddy might need to start driving a cab on weekends... and maybe weeknights ... and maybe on his lunch hour ... heeheeheeh!

anyone need a glass of wine?