Friday, October 12, 2012

RIP Amanda Todd

So i don't know if you saw the Youtube video posted by Amanda Todd ... it describes her torment by bullies in her schools over the past few years ... it is a brave thing she did ... its a sad thing to watch

Amanda Todd killed herself this week ... she was a kid who had been tortured to a breaking point ... it was her 2nd suicide attempt... she was 16 yrs old.

I have seen so much hatred lately, its makeing me physically ill. WHY do people feel the need to hurt other people? what is it that makes one person feel superior when they verbally or physically abuse another person??

I truely hope that even ONE of those kids that abused Amanda, realises the FULL impact of what they have done. May it consume them for an eternity ... i know, not very nice but please, look at your child or your spouse and imagine not having them ? ... imagine them being so depressed because of what someone else thought of them that they felt the only way out was to be DEAD ... that void in your life will never go away ...

Amanda's family will mourn her always and they will also now have a lifetime of pain and anger to deal with ... there are people out there who ARE RESPONSIBLE for this young girl's death, and we need to see that they are held accountable.

... we need to SPEAK UP!! its NOT OK to sit back and LET it happen!


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