Sunday, December 9, 2012

Costa Ricaaaahhhhhh!!!

So, we are in PARADISE!

I wasn't infavour of a second holiday to CR this year but the kids schedules and DH's schedule dictated that December was the time to go instead of March ... so here we are!

DAH is a fisherman at heart so all holidays must include some sort of over-the-top fishing ... Costa Rica definitly has that! this is our 3rd trip in 2 years ... the kids can surf and DAH can fish; its hot and casual so we are ALL happy ... (well excpet for DLU but i am pretty sure its just a ruse ... way deep down she still likes us! lol!!!)

The kids have been surfing lots! Our local friend Todd the Surf God is awesome with them and a great instructor! Its always one of my favourite things to watch them surf! DLU chose to observe (read: lay-out on a chair) but at least she was with us one of the mornings!

One of the things i love so much about this country is how laid back everyone is! Dogs are fairly popular as pets down here and everyone takes their dogs to the beach and out for walks. Don't think there aren't strays here too, but even they seem to be looked after! The first day the kids surfed i spent about an hour enjoying this dog at play in the surf - she really truely ENJOYED her morning romp! She had a collar so she is a pet, but her people were either still in bed or much further down the beach ... she didn't bother anyone and no-one bothered her....

This morning Buddah and i are hanging together with "Abuela y Abuelo" while the men folk spend some time with their daughters horseback riding! woo hoo!! so Adios for now and we're off to the beach ... (i am going to MAKE that boy hang with his mama!!! xoxo)


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