Wednesday, January 23, 2013

i got my SCRAP on!!!

My scrappy girls and I went to Younique Country Retreat last weekend!!! OMG! It was awesome! The food is FABULOUS and Heather and her crew could not have ben better hosts!

Younique is just outside of Guelph ... not to hard to find at all (we only got lost once!lol! but that was probably cause Cher and i were too busy chatting to pay attention to the instructions!!)

Heather has a full Crop room on the main floor with lots of natural light and a separate entrance. Each cropper has a full table and the use of a Cricut machine (1 machine for every 2 croppers!!!!! I KNOW, right!!!!).Each table has a ight, and a magnetic mat and tool bin with basics in it!

Downstairs there is a full stocked store with TONS of awesome product and her prices are FABULOUS!!!!! She has cardstock and patterned paper and embellishments and tools and adhesive and tools and EVERYTHING!!!

The accomodations are wonderful - each guset has a basket on their bed with towels and slippers and a robe and toileteries. The food is out of this world and Chef Jeff did a wonderful job of accomodating all our needs!

After all my drama of Chrsitmas and Teenager, this was a welcome weekend away! I worked on my Disney album (yes we went 3 YEARS ago - so i'm a bit behind! lol!!!) Its not finished by any stretch of the imagination, but I got a GREAT start and I dont have much left to do ... titles and journalling an about 8 pages of pictures to finish!

Here are some pages:

my teenager is trying to kill me ....

its true!! i have a 14yr old and she is working hard at being a teenager!! OY!!!

she had gotten into wee bit of trouble at school and that lead to her phone getting taken away ... and THAT lead to me finding out about a WHOLE BUNCH of other trouble she had gotten into ... OY!!

SOOOoo... now she is offline and under house arrest ... its like having an infant all over again; she has NO priviledges like staying home alone or going out with friends (she IS allowed to have friends in but she's stubborn and hasn't yet - you're loss, kiddo!)...she's constantly with me - all sullen and cranky ... fun times

remember, peeps, there is a reason why some animals eat their young! i have started carrying a picture of her when she was a baby to avoid this

call me if you have extra wine ... or tequila