Thursday, February 24, 2011

DLU i have a TweenAger - we call her DLU - Dark Lord of the Underworld - a term affectionately coined by her brother, Buddah.(only HappyHappy is missing and she gets her moniker due to her incessant freaking happiness...)

anyway, DLU has a ski day coming up. at first DAH and myself were reluctant to let her go - she has been particularly difficult lately - but when we (he) decided that we were not going skiing for the break i thought she should get a ski day in BUT i was going to tag along w the other children. this is not a secret - she knew right from the get go that we were going to crash her party. she didn't complain once. i was pretty impressed.

tomorrow is the ski day. guess what hit the fan this morning?

yup. thats it.

last night DLU asks her dad for a $20 (?!?!?!?!?) for lunch for friday. i seriously thought she was joking. i said to her that i had a lunch planned and would take our ski basket and when she was ready for lunch she could help herself. (see, i don't even expect her to ski with us AT ALL) ... she starts freaking out about there was no-where to leave the basket and how would she EVEN find it ...yaddayaddayadda ...

at least for the rest of the morning the other kids were golden...

by the way, i have a TweenAger for sale .... i have no $ to give you (after all i am going skiing for the day) but she is trained well - if you can find her motivation ...

(ps - we had 5 flakes of snow so i did get info from the school on what happens if the Board calls a Snow Day tomorrow ... ???)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

so, last weekend i got away again w my girls, L, I and P - 3 totally fun scrappy chicks!! P organized an awesome retreat at a wonderful B & B in Brighton. we started off the weekend w mani / pedi's at Calm Water's - SOOOOO nice. Then we got food, booze and hit the road!

This was the 2nd yr that L and i have gone and P was nice enough to give us our usual HUGE room - good thing - we made I sleep on a cot in the middle! (well, sleep is a slight exaggeration .... not much sleep to be had in a weekend Crop!!!!).

i got a great start on my Disney pics - only 15 months later ....

oh, and we didn't get lost this year!!

hey P, can i give you my deposit for next year?


Monday, February 14, 2011

ugh ... monday

so, i snuck away for a few days of skiing ... HEAVEN!!!!! friday we did Ladies Day at Holimont in Ellicottville w some FUN girls .... beautiful day w lots of sun and fun (cold and windy but the sun was out so who cares , right?!!) great GREAT skiing ... Saturday i decided to ski for half day then race home but, alas, it snowed more so we thought it prudent to stay for the whole day and not risk the treacherous roads (BAHAHAHA!!!!) ... anyway, thanx to some great friends for a great weekend .... sure make up for the crappy monday i am having ....

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

i am still here ...barely ...

sooo, its been awhile - please bare with me ...

i have a tweenager and i honestly think she is trying to kill me ... i used to joke with DAH that i would do all the dirty work when they were babies - middle of the night feeds, poop patrol, EVERYTHING - but he would be in charge of the teenagers - dating, driving, ditching. BAHAHA!!!

over this past month i have decided to make that a reality .... i just haven't decided wether to take up the drink or simply get myself a little apartment .... hmmmmm, who knew i would have options?