Monday, September 24, 2012

well, we're surviving ... barely.

so its been 3 weeks since DLU started ninth grade ... she is going to a different school than most of her friends so she isnt exactly happy ... oh, lord, bring on the wine! lol!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Early Bird ...

so i am not really a morning person ... but i got up early this morning because i thought Buddah had a practice (yup, - i got him up, fed and dressed before i realised my error ... sorry Buddah!) so we ran some errands, had a cuppa, got my garden chores done and talked to THREE people ON THE PHONE (and you know how i feel about talking on the phone!)... peuf! you early birds really DO get the worm!!! i think i really will feel good about my nap later on!

don't forget the Roundhouse (attached to Steamwhistle Brewery!!) has model train rides from noon til 4 today - look for Papa in his overalls and Engineers cap! and then enjoy a cold beer after ... xoxo

ok, off to run a few more errands before we CHOO CHOO it!