Tuesday, June 5, 2012

SOooo How's it going?????

Hey Peeps!! Not much going on right now ... i have been trying to get my house in order for the past few weeks ... UGH!!! We (sort of) have work going on trying to finish the downstairs bathroom and also trying to clean out and pack my Craft Studio (to move upstairs) and then THE WATER TANK DIES!! Oh, boyoboy!! Backtrack a bit - DH is away for the 2nd weekend in a row (thank GOD i quit at SQ earlier than originally planned! BUSY kids and working Fridays/Saturdays AND no "DAH" DO NOT go well together!). So i am at Hockey thursday night and DLU calls and says "mama, there is NO hot water" ...hmm, this is vague statement in our house ... sometimes (read: most of the time) a couple of tweenagers have such LONG showers that they USE UP all the hot water ... anyway, i RUSH home and check the tank and not only is there still no hot water an hour later but the tank is OFF and NOT going back on. To make a LONG story short, i spend the next 24 hrs trying to figure out who we rent from and what our service contract is. Finally, on Saturday morning i connect with a lovely lady at Enbridge who confirms that we DO in fact have a contract with them (afterall) and they WILL service our 10+ yr old tank (i say to her .."um, pretty sure its older than that as we have LIVED here for 10 yrs..." she says " oh, well maybe just a bit older but not much ... i can have a technician in MONDAY btwn 9-1pm...". PARDON ME???? MONDAY!?!?!?!?! ..." but i havent had hot water since THURSDAY ... this is a (tweenager)EMERGENCY!!" and thats when i was informed that it was NOT infact an EMERGENCY ... i have running water and my pipes are not going to freeze ... WT...?????? (she doesnt know about the DEATH stare DLU can throw around!) Thank Goodness we have Lifetime Athletic memberships!! And anyway, they have WAY nice facilities! lol!!!! sooooo .... Monday! a very pleasant Tachnician arrives, takes one look at our tank and starts cursing out the ofice! apparently, our tank is more than 22 yrs old ... NOTHING he can do! it needs to be replaced - duh! anyway he makes a few calls and says someone will be back to replace it ... i start to panic as he is packing up his tools ...all i can think of is the hissyfit that awaits from DLU! LOL!!! no worries, he says, the new tank will be here SHORTLY ... (we all know what THAT means, right...?) NOPE, it WAS! within the hour 2 dudes show up and get right to work! WE HAVE HOT WATER! DLU didnt have to give anyone the death stare ... (and i even made it to the gym for a workout yesterday...) i still have a massive clean up job in the basement but we are heading in the right direction sadly, i have not got much "craft-on" lately but its coming!

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