Friday, April 27, 2012

and now some LIFE stuff ...

just to keep you all in the loop, we have been playing ALOT of hockey this year. well, to be honest , we play ALOT of hockey every year - lol!!! anyway, the girls both played on 2 teams this past winter (which i coached / managed ...) near the end of the season, HappyHappy was approached by a couple of Rep coaches from other clubs (yup OTHER clubs - no one from MGHL even came to watch her!!!! way to go Mississauga!!) ... we ended up doing some skating clinics with them and she is now a pround member of the NORTH YORK STORM ATOM AA team!!! woohoo!!! (bye bye $$$$ hahahaha!) Buddah is going to Cooksville Peewee A this year which is a good move for him! He is going with a couple guys from his old team and some kids he has gone to school with for a few years ... should be a fun year! DLU (Dark Lord of the Underworld, if you havent been following ...) decided at the 9th hour to try out for the MGHL Bantam B team ... she had 2 pre-skates and 2 try outs skates and now we are WAITING ... i wonn't tell you my real opinion until we hear the results ... lets just say, its typical MGHL style! Good Luck DLU!!! My ladies team (yes, i do use the term LADIES very loosely ... April, i SAW the minosa in your hand! lol!!) played in a tourney last weekend right in the middle of hockey tryouts! i KNOW! what a daring bunch we are! anyway, we got our A$$'s handed to us on a platter but we had FUN! and got to witness some of the craziest hockey shinianigans ever!!! Thx to Rick for the team pitcher - we EARNED that baby! k, gotta run to more hockey tryouts ... (the boy, has been accepted but still must skate the skate! lol!) xoxod

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