Monday, April 30, 2012

hockey trials ... and tribulations ...

so, BANTAM B tryouts ... oy vey!!! Lets start before the beginning ... they had 3 scheduled pre-tryout skates that filled up so they added another (THAT tells you they had LOTS of interest...) ... DLU goes to the pre-skates and works her butt off (and i happily shell out $35 for the practice time) TEAM TRYOUTS : so i take DLU to the first tryout - 60 girls showed up to skate ... they skate and were all told to come back the next night ... (ok, why?? a team consist of 15 - 17 players ... then we find out they are actually going to have TWO Bantam B teams ... good right? YUP! except that they are only looking for a max of 34 kids (but not really cause they have signed a few kids already ...) but, lets be positive...) hmmm .... so we go back night #2! DLU is pretty excited - she got a call back!! who wouldn't be thrilled??? ... we go back and 45 girls are on the ice. they skate. now the normal procedure is for the coaches to come out and they talk to each player and their family and THANK THEM FOR TRYING OUT - they ones they don't want first then the kids they do want after as there is paperwork to sign. we wait ... coaches walk away not talking to anyone but each other ... we wait ... finally the girls come out and say the coaches say they will call everyone tomorrow.(?) i take kids to the car and DAH goes back to talk to coaches ... so get this ... they are looking for TWO players!!! TWO!!! they ask 60 girls to come back to skate for TWO positions!!! and the position on the team DLU was trying out for was a FORWARD position - DLU plays DEFENSE ...(quick math - 60 x $10 each the first night = $600 for the club ... 45 xo $10 each the second night = $450 for the club; total rev generated from Bantam B tryouts $1050!!! can you say money grab?!?!?!) SOOOO that also means 43 girls could have tried out elsewhere but were lead to believe they stood a chance with their home club ... we know the player that got the position on the Bantam B 1998 team - she is a good player and she will do well. CONGRATS JH!!! congrats to the girl who made the Bantam B 1999 team, there was nothing but talent out there so i know she is a deserving player! to the other 43 girls, i apologise for the bad actions, disrespect and deception of the adults who are supposed to be teaching you life lessons like integretiy, respect, fairplay and sportsmanship. Welcome to the OLD BOYS CLUB ... alive and well in girls hockey!

Friday, April 27, 2012

and now some LIFE stuff ...

just to keep you all in the loop, we have been playing ALOT of hockey this year. well, to be honest , we play ALOT of hockey every year - lol!!! anyway, the girls both played on 2 teams this past winter (which i coached / managed ...) near the end of the season, HappyHappy was approached by a couple of Rep coaches from other clubs (yup OTHER clubs - no one from MGHL even came to watch her!!!! way to go Mississauga!!) ... we ended up doing some skating clinics with them and she is now a pround member of the NORTH YORK STORM ATOM AA team!!! woohoo!!! (bye bye $$$$ hahahaha!) Buddah is going to Cooksville Peewee A this year which is a good move for him! He is going with a couple guys from his old team and some kids he has gone to school with for a few years ... should be a fun year! DLU (Dark Lord of the Underworld, if you havent been following ...) decided at the 9th hour to try out for the MGHL Bantam B team ... she had 2 pre-skates and 2 try outs skates and now we are WAITING ... i wonn't tell you my real opinion until we hear the results ... lets just say, its typical MGHL style! Good Luck DLU!!! My ladies team (yes, i do use the term LADIES very loosely ... April, i SAW the minosa in your hand! lol!!) played in a tourney last weekend right in the middle of hockey tryouts! i KNOW! what a daring bunch we are! anyway, we got our A$$'s handed to us on a platter but we had FUN! and got to witness some of the craziest hockey shinianigans ever!!! Thx to Rick for the team pitcher - we EARNED that baby! k, gotta run to more hockey tryouts ... (the boy, has been accepted but still must skate the skate! lol!) xoxod
So, these are the 3 cards for my next Copic II class - May 6th in the Queendom 2-4pm and also May 25th 12:30 - 2:30pm. You can call 905 542 8811 to register . cost $35 & you must have you own copics to colour with (avaialble at Scrapbook Queens). AND as a BONUS you will get the Carlos the Crab stamp included with your Class. This uber cute stamp by Kraftin Kimmie will make your summer FUN IN THE SUN!!! See you soon!!!!! xoxod


wow! its been awhile! i promise to be better! stay tuned, i am going to post my next class TODAY!!! .. its May 6 at Scrpbook Queens in Mississauga ... pictures to follow! xoxoxd