Thursday, May 26, 2011

death ...

a sad bit of news ... last Saturday, very early in the morning, my Uncle Bud passed away suddenly of a heart attack. he will definitely be missed.

its so hard to understand the finality of death ... we have all experienced it in different forms ... pets, neighbours, grandparents ... at different ages and stages it means different things though.

for me it was the first death of a close family member that all of my children will participate in; when my grandfather died, only M and S were at the funeral and they were 6 and 4 and i know they were sad but definitely didn't have the same emotional depth that they do now. this is also the first funeral with an open casket and i definitly didn't prepare any of them for that ...

it is the first person of my parents generation to pass away in our family... it made me acutely aware of what a fine line we tread ... it made me realize that it can be anyone at any time and we all need to take care of each other.

it made me realize (yet again) how alone i am ... when my parents die, i will have do all those things ALONE that my cousins had each other for ... it also made me realize how grateful i am that my kids have each other ... one day, they will be grateful too ...

Sunday, May 8, 2011


i wish for all of my mummy friends - those with kids and those who may not have their own but love and care for other kids - a lovely, lovely day! xod

today, i got up and walked w my usual sunday group (most of whom were in Oakville for a race ...)... i had a LOVELY surprise waiting for me this morning in the form of Agnes!

Agnes is a lovely lady who began walking with us last summer. i think she was 73 then. she is an ex runner - started running when she was 55 but sidelined about 18 months ago due to an injury. anyway, agnes and her husband Ted have been running at the RR for quite a few years and so when she could no longer run, she joined us half marathon walkers! YAY! Ted runs weekly w his group and during the nice parts of the years, Agnes walks w us. rather we try to keep up to her.

last fall when the weather started to turn Agnes said she was not walking during the winter - she was going inside to the Y and then would likely ski w Ted all winter (so sundays were out). a few months ago i learned that over the winter Agnes had been diagnosed w breast cancer. i was so sad.

last weekend i briefly saw Ted and asked him to give her my love and he said he would (he is a man of VERY few words!) ...

well, this morning Agnes was back! looking wonderful! and storming down the road to a full recovery! today i was so thankful to have my friend back! i am thankful for her good spirit and i am thankful for the great care she has had over the past few months that allowed her to come back to us!

this Happy Mothers Day is dedicated to Agnes!!


Friday, May 6, 2011


today is the last day to bring in your garage sale items!! check out the Scrapbook Queens website for more info - .

we have lots of great stuff already but still have room for more!

don't forget to come buy and SHOP on saturday! we are open at 10 am sharp ...garage sale is cash only but plastic is still ok in our retail store!

see you then!!

a few scrappy things ...

FINALLY finished this layout!! i am pretty happy w it!

and page 2 ...

and this was my last SO, YOU'RE NOT A BEGINNER ANYMORE class ... it was a fun class and a great group of scrappy girls!!

page 2 ...

(no pictures in the layout yet ... might need a photo shoot now that the rain has stopped!LOL!)


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

sorry ...

i haven't posted much recently ... i have been very unmotivated ... about 2 weeks ago my friend and i were driving home from the village and came up a TERRIBLE accident ... the car was wrapped around a tree - cracked in 2 pieces ... sadly, the driver was dead and, unbeknownst to us, there was also a passenger in the back who was unconscious and trapped. my friend called 911 as i pulled the car over to the curb ... all i can say is it was the single worst thing i have ever seen. it was almost not real - part of my brain was convinced that i had arrived on a movie set ...

anyway, i have been hardly able to get his out of my mind and as a result have not been much up to writing or creating or anything ...