Friday, May 18, 2012

My First Attempt at QUILLING

Ok, so my thought is "...i dont have time (or $) for a new obsession.." . Right? I am being sensible and practical...blahbalahlah... Well, my friend Cher is a very talented girly ... we often get together for a crafty day ... so she convinces me i should try quilling (YES! she has hounded me for months, and sends me texts and emails telling me how much fun it is and how i am doing myself a disservice not at least trying...she points out how it really is discrimination, leaving out those fun and new art supplies ... OK! enough already, Cher, i will TRY it - but i wont LIKE it ....SERIOUSLY, that is EXACTLY how it went down ... more or less ...ok, less...) Here is my first card:
Happy Fathers Day card - CHECK! oh, yeah, now i have to buy a quilling set ... anyone got one they want to sell????

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