Wednesday, June 6, 2012


So let me tell you a little tale ... this fits right in the middle of Broken Water Heater Adventure ... This is Twiggy Bunny he arrived around 3:30pm on saturday with DLU and her friend K. i was expecting the girls home so we could all go to the gym and workout and swim and SHOWER (remember, no hot water...)anyway, they come running into the house with a shoe box and in it is TB .. apparently they saw a big orange cat carring said bunny across the lawn so they chased the cat until he dropped Twiggy ... then the girls scooped the bunny up, found a shoe box and brought him home! yay ... NOT!! sooooo instead of heading to the gym, we head out to the vet ... they, of course will not let us surrender Twiggy to them but the vet does give me the number for Animal Control ... (you know why they are called animal CONTROL, right??) so we head home to find another option - a RESCUE ... can't find anything in Sourthern Ontario that will take baby bunnys; MNR is closed; and my "friends" keep offering me cages and tanks ... i did however, learn ALOT about bunnies and get some good advice from the vet and a few other places i called... we cleaned up Twiggy's box and add some yummy lettuce and grass and nectarines (?) and put his box in the basement bathtub and locked the door... finally at 5:30 we went to the gym (remember, we needed showers! lol!) so on the way home, i explain to the kids that if Twiggy is doing well tonight and in the morning, we are going to set him free on sunday afternoon, thats the best option for a wild bunny ... of course they want to KEEP Twiggy ... NO way! so then we talk about wild animals vs domestic animals, etc ... anyway, when we get home we check on Twiggy, who is great!! - peeing all over the place and trying to climb the living room walls - HAHAHAHA!! DLU then showed me the video they got of the cat "bunny-napping" Twiggy and the subsequent RESCUE ... it was very interesting as the cat appeared to be carrying the bunny like a mama would carry her kitten ... in the morning Twiggy was still doing well and had eaten quite a bit so we took him out into the yard and found a well covered corner, near where we had seen the other yard bunnies and we all said goodbye and let Twiggy go! Thanx for the adventure, Twiggy! we will leave you lots of treats xoxoxo

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