Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Great Flood

Hope you all survived the big storm/flood yesterday! We were without power for about 9 hours and approx 80-90% of Mississauga joined us in the dark! BUT have no fear, DH rigged out the generator and we had electricity and tv down by the pool; Buddah and Ella swam and played, my GF brought her girls by ... we got the outdoor fireplace going and cooked weinies and marshmallows ... we survived!!

We watched CP24 for hours and caught all the news updates including the rescue of this train - eventually!

And now for your, belated, weather update!

so, Mother Nature, we have come to a pretty conclusive decision... we want SUMMER!!! all the Sun and Fun you can muster, please!


Monday, July 8, 2013

This HEAT!!!

holy HANNAH!! HappyHappy and i spent last 4 days in an air-conditioned hotel and at hockey rinks (last spring league hockey tourney - woohoo!!!) ... got home last night and started melting!!! I am ok during the day with the heat but i was up all night ... it literally makes me nauseaus!! (omg, am i entering that TIME in my life?!?!?!?!!?)

someone bring me an Air Conditioner!!!!