Monday, October 15, 2012

who asked you????

so, my girls moved hockey clubs this year ... where we live there are a few girls-only clubs but not as many as for boys ... like 1 per city ... so you do the math ... when they play games there is travel ... that is just part of it. life.

(now HappyHappy DID go play with the boys one year but it was AWFUL ... for her. at the end of the year she said if she had to play with the boys again, she was quitting. thats HER. i get it. i play hockey (or used to) because of my friends ... anyway, so she went back to a girls only team and played on 2 teams last year. now this is a kid who is a naturally gifted athlete ... she's good at almost everything she does - i say everything becasue we did do dance for a few years and decided thats "wasn't for her" - ok, lets be honest, she was there for the costumes only 'cause anyone who knows HappyHappy, knows she IS going to be a Princess when she grows up - ... but i digress ... it was clear that is was time for her to make the move to a more competitive program ... we checked out a few clubs and made some calls (including to the one in the town where we live but they were full) and in the end, she ended up with North York Storm (and so did her big sis) ...)

we skate out of York U ... we don't live near there ... this is a decision we made based on what was BEST for OUR girls. sometimes you make sacrifices for your kids, right?

well, lately, i have had more than a few people actually say to me "you're crazy for doing that!" ... or "you're crazy to do all that driving" ...or "well, i WOULDN'T do that for my kids" ...or "why can't she just play with the boys?"

well, i am SICK of justifying our decisions to people. WHO ASKED YOU????? (and while we're at it, why don't you shove your opinion down someone's throat who actually asked for it!?)

(ok, you KNOW what i really REALLY wanted to say, dont you??? but i think one F bomb this week is plenty ...)

my point here is why can't we all just have WORLD PEACE? (and dont worry, when i want your opinion i will hunt you down so you can tell me how cRaZy i am!!!!)

Peace Out!

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