Thursday, December 13, 2012

Post Vacay BLAHsss

so we're home ... BLAH! we all decided that we should have stayed but well, you know, life goes on ... the good news is that we are gooing for christmas next year for 2 weeks! YAY!!!!! (the bad news, its more that 365 days away ... BLAH!!!)

lets go back a bit ... out last few days were wonderful! Some of us went Zip Lining and some of us Surfed (more) ... we had our Last Supper at our favourite restuarant, Barba Roja. We even got to have a quick drink with Todd the Surf God! And our Last Breakfast was at the beach watching the tide come in ...ahhhh!!

Some thank yous are in order - one to my DAH for "making us go on vacation"!! My kids and my parents for making it nothing but fun and interesting. Kimberly Barron from BuentaVista / Tulemar (Property Manage Plus) who MADE our trip ...all the emails and phone calls and last minute changes that she managed so well! Todd Pequeen of Manuel Antonio (aka Todd the Surf God) (but who's real calling is as an RMT) who handled our kids amazingly well and really taught them to be better surfers and swimmers. Bless your heart for making them sing Christmas Carols while surfing!! ALL the people we have grown to love who cook for us and make our meals AWESOME and fun!!(most of all Eliott, HappyHappy's "muchacho"!!)

i need to hobble off to my regular life now ... back to the hockey rink tonight!!

(unfortunately i had a "pinky toe meets wooden bed" incident while collecting all the girls stuff off their deck so i am hobbling ALOT but as Happy Happy pointed out, its a good thing it happen at the END of out trip! (i know, she's right!) but holy hanah, am i ever in some pain!!!)

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