Wednesday, October 24, 2012


so ... the boy scored tonight at hockey ... as usual, i WASN'T there ... sigh ...

Seriously, he plays Defence so his opportunity to score is slightly lower and because i am a single parent this week he is the easiest to farm out (his hockey is LOCAL where as the girls is FAR AWAY)so i had to go to a 2 hr practice instead of Buddah's game ...

I went to his game on monday, i even TOLD him it would be ok for him to score on Monday while was there ... nope, he scored TONIGHT!

(I am SUPER THANKFUL for my friend Leo, who very kindly texted me during the game tho! THANX LEO!!!)

... I think maybe DAH is going to be incharge of girls' practices for a few weeks when he (finally) gets home; i want to go watch the boy PLAY!!!

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