Monday, October 8, 2012

It is through creativity that we grow, it is through friendships that we bloom!

this is truely how feel ... and it doesnt matter if your creative "thing" is art, music or sport, find something that you love and do it passionately. finding the people you want to surround yourself with is the challenge but dont let that challenge affect your passion. pursue it!!

sometimes you think you have found your "people" only to be faced with a harsher reality ... let it GO! move on! find the kindred spirits who are accepting of you and not the lost souls who want to manipulate you ...

a big BIG Thank You to everyone who made me smile, giggle and laugh this weekend ... you will never know just how much that meant to me! i have come away from this weekend with not only some AWESOME new skills, projects and supplies but with a better idea of who i am, what i am in prusuit of and exactly who my people are! Thank you to my good friend Bella for your words of wisdom and perspective, to the Jersey Girls for the best hugs and endless giggles, for Patsy, Garage Mary and "the girls" for your creativity, your hard work and great style!

(and for you Crafty or Scrappy Gurlz out there, try a Quick Quotes Private Reserve weekend sometime! its fantastic!!)

Happy Thanxgiving to you ALL!!

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