Tuesday, November 30, 2010

did we talk about Ottawa?

... so DD#1 is in 7th grade and there is a trip to Ottawa - conveniently about 5 weeks after we get back from Ottawa!

Ottawa trip #1 occurs just after chrsitmas and goes till january 3; it is a hockey tournament. over the chrsitmas holidays... when DS made the A team, we were told about it at the first parents meeting way back in april ... no problem...i love ottawa - there is tons to do there for a week.

Ottawa trip #2 occurs on february; found out about 3 weeks ago; costs a FORTUNE!! literally.

i am not happy about this trip for a number of reasons : i feel like i am being blackmailed by the school - this $500+ trip would NOT fly at many other schools! there was no consultation w parents about it before it was announced to students; there is a huge assumption by my childs school about the average mean income of families ... basically i get to be the bad cop.

DD#1 was in a panic because i was complaining about the cost and the redundancy of the trip. if it was up to me she would be one of the 3% (which is 1.8 students) who didn't go ... finally i suggested that she contribute some (like HALF) of the cost and she agreed (!) ...

well. she has sold batches and batches of cookies to her friends at school, she is making cards of all kinds and selling them to her friends at school and is trying flog some home-made gifts to HER FRIENDS AT SCHOOL ... heeheehee!

my DAH is a bit weirded out by this but i am quite pleased. a special thanx goes out those parents of DD#1's friends - the gargantuan allowance you pay little sally sue is finally going to something useful! LOL!

GO DD#1!!!!!!!!

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