Friday, November 26, 2010

sleepovers .... like em? hate em?

... hmm, i am personally not a fan - i would like everyone in their own beds thank you very much ...

when i was a kid i LOVED them ... with good reason - i am an only child (or Lonely child as i used to describe myself...); i had a couple of friends who i would regularly have sleepovers with - mostly at THEIR houses cause they had cable tv and mums who bought junk food ... i did have one friend, Michelle who was not allowed to sleep away from her house... i always felt sorry for her. she missed out on all the fun... mr and mrs ferranato, i owe you apologies - you are NOT the meanest parents on the planet - you were the smartest!!!!

it would appear the 2 eight yr olds are NOT going to sleep ... EVER .... *sigh*

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