Tuesday, November 9, 2010

its lost!

i am sure i have lost a layout! DAMN!! it was cute too AND it was the next beginner class - oops! well, i have looked EVERYWHERE so it must be lost - either that or someone broke in, stole it and locked up after themselves! .... this is a direct result of disorganization ... maybe ... will keep you posted!

so my next gripe is non-scrappy yammer ...

my DS plays hockey - well, we all do but he is playing A this year so its like 2 extra kids playing hockey ... our schedule is a nightmare! literally, it sometimes wakes me up at night trying to figure it all out! LOL! anyway, because most of his games are during the week, i don't get to all of them ... i am working now plus the girls have activities PLUS PLUS PLUS, right?

....so last night he had a game and his coach got ejected! wow talk about missing all the excitement, eh? not so much ...so far this season i have never in my life heard so much bullsh*t from parents (the other teams-mostly) and the refing is very often questionable at best. i am old school, i think that if you don't like the outcomes of a "ref'd" sport, change sports. i don't believe yelling at the ref or being derogatory towards coaches and players A)sends the right message or B)accomplishes anything ... so its very hard for me to sit thru some games ... back to the coach

i REALLY like my son's coach. he is very respectful; he has a great philosophy; he has a great sense of humor ... basically, he's not too over the top! from what i can see from the stands he is not too chatty, doesn't yell at the kids or the refs - in fact, some parents sort of think he could be MORE verbose ... apparently, last night was his night, and i missed it!. there were some bad calls and (along with a few parents) he shared his opinions w the ref - who promptly ejected him.

so my question here is why on earth would anyone want to ref hockey? i think you would have to be a bit sadomasochistic, seriously, i do

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