Thursday, November 18, 2010

still single ...

...well not REALLY but DAH is still away and i am getting REALLY good at this single mum stuff ... hmmm

well, except for cooking. i used to cook dinner EVERY night. even when 3 kids have hockey games.

until this past week.

i am working now and its really hard to get dinner slotted in. well, they EAT dinner but our local grocer had a hot table and thats were i have been shopping for a few days. today gramma felt sorry for us so she made chili for tonight.

i used to mock those women who would say to me "o, i don't cook" - WTF??!!??!! how do you have 3 or 4 kids and a DAH and a hockey/horseback riding/ lacross/swim team schedule and NOT COOK??? ok, i take it all back now ...

well, off to eat my lunch of leftover chicken and steamed veggies "batagila style"!

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