Monday, November 22, 2010

and now for something crafty ... i don't know if you scrappy, crafty girls know Quick Quotes but if you don't, check them out. i knew them a few yrs ago, they had these vellum sheets with various quotes on them (they still have them ... ) nice concept but not stuff i would normally use. anyway, last may i went to MegaMeet in Novi, Mi with my scrappy girls and checked out their booth - WOW!!!

lines of paper and embellies and kits for pages and canvases and altered products OH and the juiciest inks ever ... REALLY nice ... i took one of their classes and fell in love not only with the product but with the company. everyone was energetic and helpful and FUN!!!!! it was a fast class and i didn't even remotely get near finished but it was by far the best class of the whole weekend (and i think i took 6 or 7!)...teacher Michelle ROCKED the box!!

they offer these PRIVATE RESERVE weekends and i signed up for one with a couple of my scrappy girls. its a project driven weekend NOT a crop weekend. i took very little, just my basic supplies and few specifics ... there was some prep to do BEFORE the weekend but nothing outrageous. the actual Weekend started friday night with a class but there were extra classes you could sign up for during the day (which of course i did ... ) ... loved everything i made friday and saturday and then sunday ... SUNDAY we did an entire album track - which i got about 3/4 of the way thru (good for me!!).

anyway, their dates for 2011 QQ PRIVATE RESERVE are up - check out their website while you're there! (and if you like the papers, head up to Scrapbook Queen's in Mississauga - we have the papers and embellies ...)

if you want a fun weekend with lots of great projects and super instructors - then this is the weekend for you. i would suggest staying at the host hotel as the evening activities go till midnight ... get your scrappy girls and few bottles of wine and have a great weekend!

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