Monday, November 15, 2010

i am a single mum ....

... it happens EVERY year. DAH spends a bunch of weekends up on the "plot" on Manitoulin Island ( ask me about it sometime!) and then in MO-vember him and my dad and a bunch of other DAH's go up for about 12 days (2 weekends). they are deer hunting ... or more accurately , BEER hunting! LoL!

seriously, when we were dating, he never got anything - i was HAPPY - he was a terrible hunter ... then it all changed and he started to go with my dad ... now i have a freezer full of venison that i can't eat (did you see BAMBI?????) and my rule is they cook it and eat it when i am not home ... i need to go out more!

anyway, weekend one of Deer Window Week is done, i am dead and my kids ate crap for dinner! maybe tomorrow they will get real food .... or pizza

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