Wednesday, November 24, 2010

i think i am in trouble ....

... NO! not that kind of trouble!!!!!

....i love it when my kids request a specific food for dinner. i love to cook stuff they like to eat!

now keep in mind i don't eat red meat ... for about 10 yrs before i had DS i didn't eat red meat and very little foul i was almost a vegetarian ... mostly it started out cause i was POOR and when i came back to Toronto after uni, i had lots of debt and cut out lots of stuff....i was a bit over weight and quickly needed to lose weight ... it was a good balance... i lost weight, felt better, and ate better..(DS wrecked all that cause when i was PG with him, i could have eaten a whole cow at one sitting...)

...and nor am i a particularly GOOD cook ... i would love to learn. i have a slow cooker that could easily replace my oven (in fact mostly our oven is a storage unit) ... i am not sure how people with busy lives cope without a slowcooker (or crockpot for you yanks! LOL)

SO when i get this, it isn't always so helpful : " mummy, can you make that chicken in the slowcooker that i like??!!!??" hmm, i use the slowcooker 5 out of seven days and cook ALOT of chicken ... "sure, what did it taste like??" .... " oh, mummy! you know... GOOD!"

.... i may just be up a creek today ...

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