Sunday, November 28, 2010

newly reformed glitter JUNKIE...

for a few years now i have been philosophically opposed to GLITTER ... i LOVE the way it sparkles ... it fills ALL my requirements for shiny-ness but it is a FREAKING nightmare of a mess maker! and when you have small kids who like to "help" with projects and do crafts and work on THEIR scrapbooks, glitter is a BAAADDDDD idea all wrapped up in temptation!

i am pretty sure i have an un-natural need to make things sparkly (my therapist thinks its my lack of engagement bling manifesting itself into my art ... BA-HAHAHA!!!!!)... even DS's books have bling-y sparkly bits in them ... but i digress ..

to solve my need for sparkles i invested - yes INVESTED - in every colour of Stickles (tm)... they check all my boxes AND they come in a liquid glue medium so no GLITTER clouds or burned out vacuum motors (yup, too much glitter has been know to blow up a Kenmore Elite canister vac motor!)... the little people can also use them without too much trouble and when spilled can (eventually) be cleaned off my antique wooden kitchen table.

soooo, a few weeks back we had a few requests for GLITTER RITZ ; the Scrapbook Queen ordered it, it arrived and we decided to demo it; i played with it a bit yesterday morning before we scheduled the demo ... HOLY HANNAH that stuff rox!!!!! wows! easy, CLEAN, glittery ...! Thanx to Ms Shelley for showing us even more awesome things with the Glitter Ritz! (you can layer it, you can stamp on it, you can touch it and it doesn't flake off) .... i may have a new addiction ...

if you missed the demo, we still need more ornaments on our tree so come in Tuesday between 10 and 3 and i will enable you to also LOVE Glitter Ritz!

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