Sunday, December 5, 2010

locked out

let me start my tale by saying, our house key is not kept on a key ring; it has a hidey spot because too many people were losing or forgetting their key; its is perfectly safe.

so this past weekend i have been working ALOT ... and the SCRAPBOOK QUEEN is a gem so when i work on the weekends, if its not crazy full i can bring the brats. DD#1 and i don't always get along these days (after all, she IS 12 and knows WAY more that I). usually i try to bring her on the weekend as she is verVERY crafty (and not in the Beasty Boyz kinda way ...) and so she really likes me more when she is getting her craft on... she shares more about her life and really like the Ladies that hang out in the studio so its fun. DD#2 likes to be crafty too but she is a bit more work ... not always the best when i am supposed to be working but the QUEEN is a great lady who gets how hard it is to raise a family and doo all the other stuff in life. DS rarely gets to go cause he needs to be strutted in his crafty-ness and i cant do that while i am working (sux to be him). The SCRAPBOOK QUEEN has 2 girls too and her girls and so the girls can hang together when they are there. Its a good thing.

this weekend i suddenly had to cover my co-workers shifts as she too is a mum and sometimes shit comes up that you have no control over. the CO-WORKER's son (who incidentally has be betrothed to DD#1 - hahaha!) has a H2O polo tourney in montreal and CO-WORKER had to chaperone. NP. she and i work well together and decided early on in our partnership that we could both be flexible as i am ok covering her shift then my shift.

SOOOO i tell DAH that i am working all weekend and he's got the chaffeur's cap; fine until he say "... well, DS has a tourney and i have Leaf tickets..." hmmm (NMFP ...)

i already told DD#1 she could come and work at the store on her stuff (homework incl) cause she did not have an early practice on sunday (i am at the rink now watched said LATE practice)...

hmmm, guess you have to turn down those shitty leafs tickets, DAH!

nope, he was detertimed to go - thought he would pick up the 12 yr old so she could baby sit .... from4pm to like midnight. (i don't effing think so!) soooo, SUPER HERO BABYSITTER comes to the rescue! (YAY EM!!!); i get the 2 girls at the store being crafty and hanging with their peeps. DS gets to hang w SUPER HERO BABYSITTER (SHB) and her little bro who is a good friend of DS's.

about 10:00 pm SHB takes DS home and they hang till DAH gets home; SHB goes home; DAH and DS lock up and go to bed.

no see's the house key on the counter.

12:25 am the girls and i get home from the store; 12:25 the girls i can't find the key; by 12:26 we have ripped apart the secret hidey spots area. NO KEY!

we start calling DAH and banging on the door and ringing the door bell... at 1:10 am DD#1 says she needs to use a toilet BAD...we got to the closest tim's (calling DAH all the while...). at 1:18 we decide that DAH is in a coma and so is DS so we call G'ma and PaPa. we drive to bolton to sleep.

i did not walk this morning therefore i am cranky ...oh, and we are getting a new lock on the door that has a punch key entry system. i refuse to hand out any more keys to our house.

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TF said...

UGH! That really sucks!