Thursday, November 11, 2010

tweenage girls are here ....

really to prove that i should drink more! so my DD#1 begged me for a FB account - i held off along as i could then came up with a bunch of rules. the most important of them was that i had the password and she understood that i would "check" her account frequently and with out warning. she agree to this. the reality is that she is my "friend" so i didn't have to check all that much.

yesterday i decided to tag her in an album and lo, she wasn't on my friend list ... i double checked ... nope still not there. so i decided to check her account and guess what? the password had changed. well her email account is an old one of mine. i did some magic and soon had reset her password and went in and read some typical tween age crap - also some not really necessary tweenage girl banter.

girls are mean. there is no denying that. the internet lets them double their mean-ness. i hate it. i also hate lying and cheating. MORE THAN ANYTHING.

guess who has neither a FB account nor an email account? guess who doesn't know it yet?

i am sure you will hear the freakout later ... please have wine for me.


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