Monday, November 8, 2010

so Monday is my one guaranteed day off ...

the store is closed so there is NO chance of working; i have a standing date with my trainer (we will call him M today but sometimes he may be refered to as the TASK MASTER .. the TYRANT ... DR EVIL ... you get the point... don't get me wrong, i really like him; he is a great guy who really has helped me but my deal is : i pay the $, i get to do the whining - not to be confused with WINE - ing - and happens with my Girls ... but i digress ...)

anyway ... MOM-DAYS - i get up, get the rug rats off to school (late as always), have a delicious shake for breaky then walk to the gym - 5km; i work my ass off for an hour, then walk home (still 5k). sometimes i go take a hockey lesson, sometimes i get groceries, sometimes i hole up in my craft room ... whatever big errands need doing get done on Mondays.

i had a VERY busy weekend! my team and i ran the 5th Annual 24hr Crop 4 a Cure in mississauga at SCRAPBOOK QUEENS friday night! it was awesome! we had fun! we cropped, ate, sang, joked and were generally pretty goofy! DAH took off to manitoulin island at the last minute so i had the 2 DDs with me and DS went with DAH! we got home saturday night and went into coma mode till 11am sunday; dragged my a$$ out of bed and walked and then struggled thru the rest of the day ... by monday i was ready for MOM-DAY!!

the gods weren't smiling on me tho ... smallest DD wakes up sick and cough-y and whiney ... damn ... there goes $60 for the trainer right down the pooper!!!!

why can't the kids be sick on the weekends their dad is home? is that too much to ask?

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