Monday, April 8, 2013

Thankfully, Hockey Parents Can Put a Few Pints Back ...

so this past weekend we were in Ottawa for Provincials ... HappyHappy's hockey team made it to provincials so off we went last Wednesday!

it also happened to be my birthday.

well, we had a great time!! the girl's played some of the best hockey of their whole year and (thankfully) the hockey parents and coaches can put a few pints back!!!

i got to catch up with a few old friends also which was wonderful! the girls and i and a few other parents even got in a great walk in the SunShine yesterday!

i think the best part of the whole weekend tho was when HappyHappy's team sang HB to me after their 3rd game in the dressing room ... what a great group of girls! thanx! xoxoxox

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