Tuesday, April 16, 2013

oh oh, another mental health day ... and my heart sings

so we have had a rough few months, namely with DLU. i haven't talked much about this because it is serious and makes no sense in my life ... i have been trying to work thru it ... anyway, its a long story and i am only going to give you the bones of it (if you know me, you already know the whole story as i dont usually hold things back ...)

just before christmas my daughter got in some trouble at school - nothing serious but her punishment was having her electronics taken away; upon receiving her phone i found some pictures and info that lead to even more serious concerns . she was grounded until we could determine that her decision making skills were improving. things were ok until just after semester 2 started then the shit hit the fan and DLU ran away for 4 days ... it was awful! the police were involved, our family and friends were involved; they were all amazing ... when she was apprehended she was taken to emerg and assesed and released back to us.

the week following was rough and i am thankful for our family and friends for their unending support and to my boss and friend Hope for a few necessary mental health days ...

the past few months have been very difficult - lots of talking and crying and crying and talking ... it took 7 weeks for the children's mental health unit to see us (YES, 7 weeks!)... anyway we have been working thru some things with the help of lots of friends and family and our wonderful peadiatrician ...

in the past few weeks things have really gotten alot better! DLU has really opened up and been more engaging and things are looking up. she seems more like her old self xoxo


so, as you know, we are a HOCKEY family. its tryout season! CRAZY CRAZY shit goes on! anyway DLU said awhile back she was going to quit and not play next year. ok. (well not really but, ok)

well what are you going to do then, young lady?

so we have been discussing options and alternatives (in my house you DO something outside of school - becoming a vegetable is not an option!) so last week - ONE WEEK BEFORE TRYOUTS - she decides that she IS going to tryout for hockey after all .. YAY, right? well, yes, except that when your kids' plays rep, you kind of start looking at coaches and teams and options a couple months before tryouts ... you also have coaches come out to look at your kid before the end of season (maybe, just maybe you can wrap everything up early, get a committment and then coast thru the end of season knowing where you are going next year without entering CARZYLAND...)

anyway HappyHappy and Buddah were a sealed deal before tryout season arrived and i am SOOOO happy to tell you that DLU is also nicely settled into a new team for next year! she went to tryouts for 2 different teams in our club and last night she got an offer for the team that was our first choice! GOOD WORK DARLING!!!!! by the time we got thru the 90 min skate and the waiting and the offer and the PAPERWORK and the celebratory McD's after, it was 12:30 am!!

so today was our MENTAL HEALTH day! it was the best mental health day i've had so far this year! my heart sings!!!


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