Wednesday, February 23, 2011

so, last weekend i got away again w my girls, L, I and P - 3 totally fun scrappy chicks!! P organized an awesome retreat at a wonderful B & B in Brighton. we started off the weekend w mani / pedi's at Calm Water's - SOOOOO nice. Then we got food, booze and hit the road!

This was the 2nd yr that L and i have gone and P was nice enough to give us our usual HUGE room - good thing - we made I sleep on a cot in the middle! (well, sleep is a slight exaggeration .... not much sleep to be had in a weekend Crop!!!!).

i got a great start on my Disney pics - only 15 months later ....

oh, and we didn't get lost this year!!

hey P, can i give you my deposit for next year?


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