Thursday, February 24, 2011

DLU i have a TweenAger - we call her DLU - Dark Lord of the Underworld - a term affectionately coined by her brother, Buddah.(only HappyHappy is missing and she gets her moniker due to her incessant freaking happiness...)

anyway, DLU has a ski day coming up. at first DAH and myself were reluctant to let her go - she has been particularly difficult lately - but when we (he) decided that we were not going skiing for the break i thought she should get a ski day in BUT i was going to tag along w the other children. this is not a secret - she knew right from the get go that we were going to crash her party. she didn't complain once. i was pretty impressed.

tomorrow is the ski day. guess what hit the fan this morning?

yup. thats it.

last night DLU asks her dad for a $20 (?!?!?!?!?) for lunch for friday. i seriously thought she was joking. i said to her that i had a lunch planned and would take our ski basket and when she was ready for lunch she could help herself. (see, i don't even expect her to ski with us AT ALL) ... she starts freaking out about there was no-where to leave the basket and how would she EVEN find it ...yaddayaddayadda ...

at least for the rest of the morning the other kids were golden...

by the way, i have a TweenAger for sale .... i have no $ to give you (after all i am going skiing for the day) but she is trained well - if you can find her motivation ...

(ps - we had 5 flakes of snow so i did get info from the school on what happens if the Board calls a Snow Day tomorrow ... ???)

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