Wednesday, December 15, 2010

christmas is on dec. 25th ...

so last week gramma called to ask if i could take her shopping on monday ... no problem Trainer Dude was able to accommodate, it was all good. i pick her up and off we go, walker in hand (g'ma had her 2nd hip replaced 2 weeks ago - YAY for her to be up and around so quickly) ...

we decide that square one is our best option (SCARY ONE) ... starts off great with parking - some SKANK parks in mum and baby spot and *SURPRISE* has no baby nor is she PG! i in my santa cap point out to her the error of her ways to which she flips my the bird - hmmmm, must report that to the BigGuy!

anyhooo, we get almost all of g'ma's shopping done with only one frantic call from papa saying that mastercard had called and was everything ok? TOO FUNNY!!!! she bought him a laptop from the apple store - wonder if they told him what store she was at?????

anyway, while we are having lunch mum makes some comment about friday and i start talking about dropping the kids and bringing extra pots and such and what time should we be there ... oh, and i have wrapping left to do, can i hide the presses before friday?

she just stares at me.

then she says you know deneen, christmas is on the 25th.

TFG!! i lost a whole week somewhere ... big thanx to g'ma for giving it back to me, i was starting to panic ....

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