Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Where does the TIME go?????

OHMYGOD!!! Where does the time go? Did you know were are 6 months - YES! SIX MONTHS away from Christmas!! People you better get shopping! LOL!!!

Seriously, we are also at the end of June which means ...the END OF SCHOOL!! I cannot believe it!

My eldest finished grade nine, and as you can imagine, I am sooooo glad to see the end of THAT! But she did it! She wrote all her exams and is getting ready for summer school ... yes, summer school! It was her choice, she is taking a grade 10 course as she wants to fit something else into her time table next year ... YEAH!!! this means she is starting to plan ahead and think of her future which is all I can ask for! Way to go DLU!!! I am SOOO SOO SO proud!

Buddah finished grade 7 ... I so wished he was changing schools next year but he has one more year in our local middle school (which isnt actually a middle school but a K-8 school our kids move too after grade 5). I am trying to be positive; we have a new principal so hopfully things can only get better (although I have called for an interview and haven't gotten a response back BUT I assume thats because things are so crazy in June!)... My hope for him is to find a place where he feels good about himself and comfortable and can really fit in. I was looking at Athletic Schools for both him and Happy Happy (she moves to his school next September) but the cost is way too much for our budget to bear ... Anyway, looking forward to a fun summer of fising and swimming and stuff ... then HOCKEY!!

Happy Happy is finished grade 5 and so "graduates" to middle school; the grad last Thursday was cute and they partied after at the ORC pool then ... WENT HOME TO STUDY FOR A MATH TEST THE NEXT MORNING ... Nice One, Mrs Math Teacher! And now its off to Middle School next fall (i guess as long as she passes her MATH TEST!!)

No more Teachers, no more books!!!!!....

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