Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Politics ... ugh!!!

So we are finished 11 years at our local public school and we will miss it - the staff are wonderfull!! It has really changed alot since we started there. Unfortunately the politics continue - and are probably WORSE - at the middle school. SMARTLY, (after some very good advice from a friend) I decided a few yrs ago to NOT be involved anymore with the kids schools. The politics are vicious!!! I have other things in my life that are fun and positive and deserve my time!

(PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE know that it is NOT the staff who don't value my time or input but the PARENTS who are involved in things like School Council, Home and School Assoc, Parents Assoc, Committees, etc. and in our area, the schools, sadly, have really lost control to these groups.)

This past fall HappyHappy asked me to be involved with her Grade 5 Grad ... so i sucked it up (after all, if its important to her, its imporant to me!) and signed up for the committee. Thank you to all those woman who think they rule the world! The first meeting proved to be interesting for sure! and then that was it ... NO MORE COMMUNICATION ... apparently, i didnt make "the cut"... never heard another thing about mtgs, organisation, NOTHING ... until the schedule was sent home with permission forms, etc about 2-3 weeks before the event! It was a done deal, signed, sealed, delivered to Grade 5 Families.

Parent Politics at its finest!

Remember though, you didnt just bully me out of the way, you hurt MY KID!

And THIS is why Principals and Administration need to be incharge of all school events/activities! You want to "rule the school"? put your kid in Private School!

Just My Humble Opinion!!

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