Sunday, May 8, 2011


i wish for all of my mummy friends - those with kids and those who may not have their own but love and care for other kids - a lovely, lovely day! xod

today, i got up and walked w my usual sunday group (most of whom were in Oakville for a race ...)... i had a LOVELY surprise waiting for me this morning in the form of Agnes!

Agnes is a lovely lady who began walking with us last summer. i think she was 73 then. she is an ex runner - started running when she was 55 but sidelined about 18 months ago due to an injury. anyway, agnes and her husband Ted have been running at the RR for quite a few years and so when she could no longer run, she joined us half marathon walkers! YAY! Ted runs weekly w his group and during the nice parts of the years, Agnes walks w us. rather we try to keep up to her.

last fall when the weather started to turn Agnes said she was not walking during the winter - she was going inside to the Y and then would likely ski w Ted all winter (so sundays were out). a few months ago i learned that over the winter Agnes had been diagnosed w breast cancer. i was so sad.

last weekend i briefly saw Ted and asked him to give her my love and he said he would (he is a man of VERY few words!) ...

well, this morning Agnes was back! looking wonderful! and storming down the road to a full recovery! today i was so thankful to have my friend back! i am thankful for her good spirit and i am thankful for the great care she has had over the past few months that allowed her to come back to us!

this Happy Mothers Day is dedicated to Agnes!!


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