Saturday, March 19, 2011

a great holiday mixed up w a little "revenge"

so far we have zip-lined, fished, snorkelled and "pooped" ... poor DLU came down with a tiny little tummy bug WHILE WE WERE STRANDED ON ISLA TORTUGA!!! good thing they had a potty there (even better that it came to fruition AFTER snorkelling!!) BAD thing -it cost $1 usd to poop!! bye-bye tip for tour company - they could have told us we needed $ for amongst other thing (chairs on beach, umbrellas, etc) the TOILET!!!!!

today mum and DLU are having a quiet day at the resort while she full re-covers - w the help of our friend ammonium - while DAH and BUDDAH and HAPPYHAPPY spend the day on a private boat fishing and swimming and SNORKLING!!!!! (this kid owes me, i tell ya!! LOL!)


PhatPinkyz said...

immodium - hahaha!!

Crystal said...

what is DLU and DAH and BUDDAH???

$1 for the toilet really????

PhatPinkyz said...

sorry, missed this! Crystal - DLU (dark lord of the underworld aka mitchy); DAH (dumb ass husband - no aka needed and always said in jest ...); BUDDAH is sam's nickname ...)