Tuesday, March 8, 2011

to ski or not to ski .... WHATEVER!

oh, i LOVE to ski. REALLY REALLY LOVE IT!!! i have had (most likely) my last ski of the season yesterday ... :o(

Sunday i walked the Chilly Half Marathon w Tracey, Pitsa and Julie. sloppy, wet, miserable walk. finish time 3:01.4 .... not a great time but ok considering the slop we had to get thru. the whole time, all i could think about was " ...damn, i hope i am not too sore to ski tomorrow! " lol!!! seriously warped sense of priorities, eh, ?!?!? trained for MONTHS for this race, but damn-it, i better be able to ski on Monday!!! heeheehee!!!

well, Mik and i made it up to Collingwood sunday night and chilled w Lyn ... dinner, drinks and a few laughs!

Monday i was definitely a bit sore but i am sure the skiing helped stretch me out ... it was a great day! REALLLY like Blue mountain... i think next year i need to make more time to ski ... i am continually surprised at how i am learning (or RE learning, in this case) to LOVE new sports!!! i was an ok ish skier in highschool and uni and pre-kids but totally happy to give it up when the kids came along. when i started skiing a few yrs ago i developed a passion and have taken a few lessons and i think i am a better skier as a *29 yr old than i ever was in my early (er) 20's!!

too bad DAH doesn't ski .... good thing i have my peeps!

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Lori said...

Seriously.. take mine skiing with you!