Thursday, October 20, 2011


if any of you are waiting for SMASHbook items.... THEY ARE IN!!! If you have pre-ordered anything from Scrapbook Queens, i will be calling you today ... woohoo!

Next order of business ... we have a group that meets every 3rd Thursday of the month at the store called BOOK OF ME ... you are welcome to come and work on your "book of me" or any other projects that need finishing ... BRING A FRIEND!! oh, its FREE!

and lastly ... 13 yr old girl DRAMA! oy vey!!! one day they are BFF"s and the next day they are not speaking ...ugh! i must say, DLU has her share of drama but i do admit she is usually not the perp! LOL! she has a friend who eats sleeps and breaths DRAMA! what do you do? they have been buds since they were little but seriously, its getting s bit crazy ... does someone like that ever grow out of it? do i encourage her to move on or is the friendship some-thing she should try to salvage? DLU is often at the receiving end of the negative behaviour ... she is a passive person, maybe too passive ... UGH!

i really am not looking forward to the next few years- girls are tough!

GARCON! i need a bottle of Chianti! STAT!!!!

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