Tuesday, June 28, 2011

WOW! its been a long time ...

June is SOOOO crazy for me ... there never seems to be enough hrs in the day ... *sigh*

ANYWAYYYY ... so we got our first order of SMASH BOOKS in at Scrapbook Queens and they were a super-hit! my girls each got one and are madly filling them up ... i am being a bit more selective about what i put it - LOL! i think, esp for HAPPY!HAPPY! (my littlest girl - 9 on Friday!!), the appeal is that it looks like a REAL book and its kinda cool to be gluing stuff into it and altering it!

SUPER BOOBIE FAIRIES also had a super-fabulous-amazing old fashioned crop-a-thon last saturday and it was TOO MUCH FUN!!! a very different format from our 24 Crop 4 a Cure ... Digi Fairy was the brains behind this operation and she is GOOOOODDDD!!! HUGE thanx to everyone who participated and all the Fairies who helped out!

And finally, after the crop on Saturday i took DLU and headed up to the cottage. Friends have great place up on Lake CeCeBe near Burks Falls ... its so beautiful up there!!! We had a great day up there on Sunday tubing and knee boarding and skiing! Kids found frogs and snails and played badminton and we ate and drank ... ahhhh summer!!!! Here is a very cool structure that is being built in Burks Falls out of shipping conatiners ... awesome!!! (DLU and i were looking for some mud to go mudding ing and came across this ...)

I got some great pictures too last weekend! i have been playing with the camera on the manual setting. For some reason even on a full charge, the camera battery doesn't seem to be able to power the big lens ...? the geek at the camera store says lens is much better on manual setting anyway which i am beginning to agree with!!! YAY me!!! The geek also suggested i bring the camera and lens in and they can check it out ... doesn't he know its PICTURE SEASON?!?!?! cant part with it even for a moment! lol!

i think i need another cottage weekend soon ... the WHOLE weekend this time pls!

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