Wednesday, April 13, 2011


i was so CONSUMED with Scrapfest that i totally forgot to tell you all: i TURNED 29 LAST WEEK!!!!!! woohoo!!!! DAMN, 1982 was a good year!

convieniently, it was a car year so DAH's shopping was easy-peasy! (and, sadly, no 2 karat, princess cut in an antique setting ring again this year ... sadface ...but on the flip side, i am cool-mum w a way cool ride!)

i also got some ROCKIN' new hockey gloves - don't hate cause i'm better dressed than you, b*tch's! and since DAH's b-day was the week before, split the difference and had some yummy peanut butter chocolate cupcakes from Sugared Memories!

check it:

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Lorrie Everitt Studio said...

I forgot that it was your birthday! Happy belated birthday!
Love the new ride and those gloves are awesome! I'm still waiting for some new diamonds one of these years too ... but would also accept a trip to Paris as an alternate;)